Kojiri Park Area

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The Kojiri Park area is located on the north shore of Lake Ashi and is a collection of trails, preserves, and nature settings. The park includes the Hakone Visitor Center and there is a “Flower Plaza,” a “Children’s Plaza,” and a “Bird Forest”. These are short trails on well maintained paths with little elevation change making it an ideal walking course . The area is a good introduction to the nature and natural sites of the Hakone area. A variety of flowers and trees can be observed throughout the four seasons and there are also many flowering trees such as the mountain ash, dogwood (mizuki), Japanese snowball bush(yabudemari), and Japanese magnolia (hoonoki). In addition, there are many plants that are mainly found only in Hakone, such as mame sakura tree and sansho rose.

Thanks to the diversity of the natural environment, there are many animals, including raccoon dogs, wild boars, badgers, rabbits, ducks, and mice. There are also many insects that gather in the flowers to feed on the nectar. The trails in the Kojiri allow you to experience some of the rich nature of Hakone, from the lakeside to the mountain slopes.

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