Yoshiike Sangetsu Gardens

The Sangetsu Gardens on the grounds of the Yoshiike Ryokan is impressive for the natural beauty, historical buildings, and connection with the history of Hakone and Japan. The 10,000 m² Sangetsu Garden is a traditional Japanese “pond garden” centered around a large central pond with colorful carp and surrounded by trees that have been manicured for centuries by attentive groundskeepers. The garden gets its name from a combination of the Japanese words for mountain and moon. At certain times of the year the evening moon setting over the mountain was a time to meet and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. The garden is also impressive for including the surrounding mountains, small pond islands, bridges, tea houses and famous stones in the design. 

This is the garden for the former residence of Yanosuke Iwasaki (1851-1908), the second president of the Mitsubishi Group. Yanosuke was the younger brother of Mitsubishi`s founder, Yataro Iwasaki. The residence was originally built in 1904 and has been registered by the Japanese government as a Tangible Cultural Property. Also on the property is the teahouse of the 16th head of the Tokugawa clan, a family that ruled Japan for more than 250 years, moved here from Odawara. 


On the grounds there are six private hot spring sources with some being located on the paths. There is a terrace built over the pond that was originally used to accommodate small leisure boats for the pond, but is now a quiet spot to enjoy one of the gardens best views. The gardens are colorful in spring with the bloom of weeping cherry trees, wild cherry blossoms, and double cherry blossoms. In summer, the beauty of the hydrangea, lily, hibiscus, and hyacinth can be enjoyed. Fall welcomes the bright reds of the changing leaves of the Japanese maple tree. There are evening light up events during special times of the year such as the cherry blossoms or autumn leaves. 

A stream of clear water flows through the garden from the Sukumo River to one of the seven ponds filled with about 1000 carp. 


Entrance fee to the garden is ¥500 for visitors and free for staying guests.