About volcanic activity in Hakone

To Hakone Visitors

【Information on Hakone Ropeway Operations】

As of October 26, 2019, the Hakone Ropeway has reopened between between Soun Station in Gora and Togendai Station on Lake Ashi. This is a resumption of normal operations for the Hakone Ropeway. However, at this time there is limited access to the the area around Owakudani. Visitors can pass through and observe the Owakudani area from the large main deck, but are restricted from walking around freely due to continues safety checks.


【Information on Owakudani Area】

The Owakudani area is now accessible by ropeway. Private transportation by car is still not permitted. Your safety is of the utmost concern to us and as we continue with safety checks some parts of Owakudani will have limited access. Hakone has very interesting geological characteristics and we constantly monitor gas levels and seismic activity while maintaining preparations for any natural challenge. Learn more about the geology of Hakone here.

Hakone Regulaions on accces to the Owakudani park

On 7th October Reiwa 1 (2019), the Japan Meteorological Agency lowered the Volcano Alert for Owakudani in Hakone machi. In response to this , Hakone machi just started to begin preparations for resuming the Owakudani Park.
The facility’s electrical equipment remains stationary, while the Owakudani park four and half months long. We are just checking them from time to time. Also, we are checking for damaged parts in the road and facilities, carrying in goods and cleaning due to welcome customers safely and comfortable.

We suppose that it takes a certain amount of time until all are ready, we are still going to regulate the Owakudani park.
We are very sorry to all of you to ask for your understanding, although this may cause inconvenience.

Hakone machi



About volcanic activity in HAKONE

Hakone Ropeway has Reopened

On the 7th of October (2019) the Japan Meteorological Agency lowered the Volcano alert for Owakudani in Hakone machi. We are very sorry that we caused tourists, inhobitants and the company worry about last four and half months. We can reopen Owakudani Park finally.
Those who are looking forward to sightseeing in Owakudani and who encouraged,supported us, and also the tourist who came while knowing the closedown of Owakudani park. We are really delighted to have met this ha ppy day which Owakudani park will be reopen while being wa t ched by many tourist s from and abroad.
From today, the person in charge was instructed to begin preparations for resuming the park. In order to welcome visitors in the same state as before, it is also necessary to check the safety of the park . W e will steadily check and prepare to be able to re open the park in perfect condition.
With the reopening of the park, buses and ropeways will enter the Owakudani area, and the Golden Route will be opened thro ughout You can enjoy the best viewing of autumn leaves here in Hakone earlier than the city from the ground and in the air.
The visitors from home and abroad will be warmly welcome d by t he whole population of the town and we are looking forward to your visit to Hakone.

Yamaguchi Nobuo

Mayor of Hakone Town