Update date:2018.12.05

hotel musashiya lobby

We are the typical Japanese style (wafu) hotel.
We are a Japanese style hotel, so called “Ryokan. All guests rooms are with Tatami matted, which is a typical Japanese style floor. Dinner is served in the guestrooms. Sleep on the Futon (Japanese style bedding) on Tatami matted, which is a way to sleep typical Japanese style. The bath is a big Japanese style spa. We provide a dining room at 2nd floor for breakfast. Breakfast is served at a restaurant.

The best location for sightseeing in Hakone-Ashinoko.
We are at the best location as just beside of Ashinoko, near by Hakone Jinja (Shrine),a Prefectual Park, and an art museum. Unfortunately you cannot see Mt.Fuji from our location, but just a minutes walk to see the best location of Mt. Fuji. We are at just side of the Route 1, where is good access by car/public transport.

Special service.
🙂 WiFi connection is free on the first floor lobby.
🙂 We keep your luggage before check in and after check out.
🙂 You can bring any snacks and drinks.
🙂 There is a refrigerator at the guest-room, any time you can stock anything.

Tatami rooms, the typical Japanese style.

hotel musashiya room tatami

We have 2 kinds of rooms, both with Tatami matted. Also a Nakai (waitress) serves and takes care for each room. At our ryokan, dinner is generally taken in the guestrooms. The attendant (Nakai) will politely explain about each dish as she serves the food. Here, you will be able to fully enjoy the skills of Japanese cuisine which cannot be experienced even in Japanese homes. Dinner is served the guest-rooms, and we organize to lay out the bedding after dinner.

Room amenities.

hotel musashiya amenities

TV / Telephone / Electric Kettle / Japanese Tea / Refrigerator / Lamp / Safe / Shower room / Toilet / Hand towel / Bath Towel / Yukata (Japanese bathrobe) / Body soap / Shampoo / Treatment / Toothbrush and toothpaste / Shaver / Shower cup / Comb / Slippers

We lend out the goods below at the front.
Dryer / Iron / Humidfier

Dinner and breakfast.

hotel musashiya food dinner

We serve a very popular course of seasonal traditional Japanese dishes(Washoku).
Each dish is extravagantly prepared, using plenty of seasonal ingredients also beautifully presented.
The Japanese food served at a ryokan is prepared by master chefs specializing in Japanese cuisine.
These maestro, after many years of apprenticeship, have passed the national examination to become licensed cooks and now practice their art in ryokan, just like those working at traditional Japanese restaurants such as ryotei or kappo. Chefs with outstanding skills are responsible for passing on the tradition of Japanese cuisine, and serve dishes which delight the eyes and palate of customers.
You can choose the breakfast as a Japanese style or *western style.
*For example: bread, salad, and coffee, etc..

About the natural hot springs spa.

hotel musashiya onsen hot spring

The spa is at the top floor, you can enjoy the best view from the spa.
We also have a Roten Buro which is an open air bath.

Area Lake Ashi
address 20 Motohakone, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken.
Phone Number +081(0460)83-6348
Access From Tokyo
JR Shinkansen from Tokyo station to Odawara station.
Take the bus at Odawara station to Moto-Hakone, the terminal.