Washintei Hougetsu

Overlooking Lake Ashi, this wonderful modern yet traditional family owned ryokan will make your time in Hakone one to remember.

Perched on the hillside overlooking beautiful Lake Ashi, Hougetsu is an inviting modern ryokan perfect for an authentic Japanese hospitality experience while in Japan. Hakone has many wonderful accomodations to choose from and Hougetsu gets high reviews from past guests. Hougetsu means “An Abundant Moon” and the rooms are cleverly named after the various shapes of the moon during the month.

The ryokan is family owned and goes to great lengths to ensure a memorable stay in the area. When entering the ryokan you are greeted with a cup of green tea and are asked to relax in the main sitting room, setting the stage for an amazing experience. The well appointed rooms have views overlooking the lake and mountains. There are also yukata set for you in your room. Meals reflect the seasons and take advantage of the delicious local specialities found around Hakone, Shizuoka, and Kanagawa areas.

One of the highlights is are the beautiful bathing options they have so you can soak in a true onsen, Japanese hot spring. There are outdoor baths so you can enjoy the rich natural surroundings as you soak your troubles away. Their baths are open 24 hours so you can find some time to have the place to yourself. There is also the option of renting one of the private onsen for a more intimate experience.

Washintei Hougetsu has various plans catering to families, couples, and even families with infants. The small size of the ryokan gives a sense of intimacy and personal care from the attentive and kind staff. A shuttle bus is on call to pick you up or drop you off from Moto-Hakone to make your visit even smoother.