Measures to counter Covid-19

At the present time, Hakone-town is doing everything possible to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 virus. We have been providing sanitizers, masks, and announcements through loudspeakers to residents and town facilities to protect the existing health care system. We are also focusing on the hospitality sector on relevant announcements.


Hakone is positioned on the western side of Kanagawa prefecture, within easy proximity of Tokyo. Fortunately, despite its geographical location, the western area of the prefecture has retained a low level of infection, to the present time, March 2021.


For our part, we are doing our best to welcome our visitors. In addition, we feel we must also offer a framework in which we can provide a safe environment.

Please regard the following;  



Public transport: You should wear a mask on public transport. When standing in a queue, please observe social distancing

Tourist Facilities: You should wear a mask at all times. Try to pre-book if possible to avoid unnecessary congestion in queueing. Avoid the busiest times, and visit at a quieter hour.

Restaurants and eating out: Wash hands, and sanitize. While in a restaurant, please ensure to wear your mask before and after your meal.

 Accommodation: In your hotel room, you should ventilate at regular intervals.

When going to a public bath, please take your mask and your personal towel. In the bath, be mindful of others while conversing. 

During your stay in Hakone, your individual cooperation is much appreciated. We do hope your stay will be a memorable and happy one. Thank you.