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Update date:2018.08.10

Mechanism Trick Box

It is the world of a very wonderful trick. Please sufficiently give skilled.

Rainy and sunshiny Doll

The terifuri doll are unique in that the part of the axis sticking out from the root senses the humidity in the air, which then twists so that either the boy or the girl doll rotates and is pushed outside the doorway depending on the weather. Being one of the most popular souvenirs of Hakone, they are often out of stock, and hard to obtain.


Himitu-bako is a name given to small box made by combining puzzle-mechanism with cabinetwork technique. These boxes first appeared in the Edo-era, when the principle of trick-mechanism was first developed. The technique was perfected in the middle of the Meiji era, and since then, continuous improvements have been made to complete the Himitu-bako to perfection as they are found today. To open the box, each box must be rotated, turned and moved a specific number of times(steps). Full of surprises and unique ideas, boxes such as these cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Hakone [kotohoginoki]

“Slope in Hakone” gateau chocolat
The thick sweet snack by which chocolate was used abundantly.

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