Outdoor Activities

Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, and More

Hakone is essentially the forested area within a dormant volcanic caldera. There are deep forests to explore, mountains to climb, and lakes to paddle. Here are some activities to do for those who enjoy the outdoors.

You can enjoy a guided kayak or canoe trip on Lake Ashi.

Hike the mountains of Hakone to discover views of Mt. Fuji, mountain temples, or hidden waterfalls.

Explore the wooded highlands of Sengokuhara on a mountain bike tour with Mountain Ripper.

The beauty of nature is all over Hakone and is free to explore. Contact us for information of suggested routes, seasonal activities and more.

Hakone Nature and Cultural Tour

The Old Tokaido is one of the five major roads built by Tokugawa Shogunate in early 17th century connecting Tokyo and Kyoto. Hakone was considered the most difficult part of the way due to its surrounding mountainous. This tour offers insights into ancient Japan by walking through some of its significant important historical sites.

Hakone Travel Ideas