How to enjoy Onsen

A guide to proper manners and usage for a wonderful experience

Experiencing a Japanese hot spring is one of the many amazing activities Hakone is well known for. There are a few basic manners and rules that we follow to ensure everyone has a wonderful time. It is always important to be considerate of others. The most fundamental rules include; washing yourself before entering the hot spring, keeping your towel and soap out of the bathing water, and drying yourself off before entering the changing area. Read more below to learn how to enjoy an Onsen.

1. A changing room is available for you to leave your clothes and valuables. Onsen are most often enjoyed in the nude. Keep your clothes in one of the baskets or lockers available and take one of the small towels provided with you into the bathing area.

2. Make sure you wash your body first. Cleaning your body at one of the small sit-down showering booths ensures the large baths are kept clean and fresh for all. Rinse all soap and shampoo off before you get in for a soak. Your small towel can be used to wash your body, shampoo and body soap are often provided.

3. After washing your body, slowly enter the soothing onsen water. You should let your body acclimate to the water temperature before immersing your whole body. Keep your hair, towel, and head out of the water to keep the water clean.

4. Soak until you feel nice and warm. Be aware of any dizzyness or nausea, suggesting that you may have been in too long. Many people enjoy soaking, cooling down outside the bath, and then entering the onsen again.

5. When finished enjoying the hot springs, make sure you dry yourself off properly before returning to the changing room. A brisk wipe down with your small towel will keep the changing room floors dry and comfortable for everyone.

6.Feeling warm and refreshed? Make sure you get something to drink to stay hydrated and at peak rejuvenation and relaxation.