What is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable Tourism in Hakone

With the local community and visitors we aim to make Hakone a sustainable tourist destination.

As a community, we will work together to meet the expectations of all visitors to Hakone. Townspeople, businesses and local government will work together to continuously enhance Hakone's new attractions as ALL Hakone.
We aim to make Hakone a leading sustainable tourist destination.

A zero waste tourism destination

We will make efforts to create a town where “garbage” is not “just garbage,” such as through a system to recycle PET bottles as PET bottles and to recycle food scraps as resources.

A transportation system friendly to the environment and visitors

In addition to being environmentally friendly, we are committed to creating a tourist destination friendly to visitors where guests are overwhelmingly satisfied with their visit.

Travel connected to local nature

We will make efforts to sustainably utilize the natural wood resources that exist in the mountains of Hakone, including the use of all forms of wood produced during manufacuring.

Creating a welcoming environment to work and live

We will encourage the rediscovery of the things in our daily lives as the charms of Hakone and work to create a town that conveys these charms to others.

Sustainability in Hakone

Increasing local pride and interest in the beauty of Hakone is our first step.

Hakone is familiar to many people as a relatively world famous tourist destination.
However, as well as being a tourist destination, there are also residents who live in the area. It is those who have lived here for many years who are familiar with its scenery, history, and culture. The more familiar something is, the more we take it for granted, and the harder it is to notice and appreciate things in our daily lives.
It is the residents who have the most opportunities to come into contact with Hakone because it is so close and familiar to them. They are the ones who can feel Hakone more than anyone else.
We believe that if residents can feel the charm of Hakone more than they do now, the charm and pride they feel will naturally be conveyed to those who visit the area.

Growing Hakone from a good visit to a place you want to visit again.

Hakone is recognized as the closest tourist destination from the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Distance may be an appealing point to visitors, but there are many more reasons to visit.
However, being “easy to visit” does not lead to “want to visit.”
There must be elements that make people want to visit.
There are still many hidden attractions that have not yet been shared with tourists, such as “rediscovery” and “undiscovered” attractions.
We believe that by uncovering, communicating, and conveying such new and unnoticed attractions, Hakone will become a place you want to visit again.

Being a place you want to work is the reason one should work in Hakone

We want people who work in Hakone to realize why they work in Hakone.
There are many other places and opportunities where you can work in the same type of job or industry.
However, we believe that there is a reason to choose Hakone among those many options.
There may be various reasons, such as “I like the nature of Hakone” or “I like the history of Hakone,” but we believe the common point should be because “I love Hakone.”
The joy of being able to work in an environment that we love turns into pride, and we feel that this is connected to the “reason for working in Hakone,” and we consider it our mission to protect and promote this type of environment for people here.