Certified Guide Introductions

Introduction of graduates of the Hakone DMO certified guide training course

  • Shin Kanekoさんプロフィール写真
    Shin Kaneko English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.001

    My company seeks to provide once in a life-time travel experience for our customers. We are dedicated to sharing our unique and rich local history and culture, beautiful nature, and the meeting of people in the community.
    I'm also an official abassador of Goldwin brand.

    • Goldwin Mountain Pro Guide
    • National Licensed Guide Interpreter
    • JMGA Trekking Guide Stage II
    • Wilderness Advanced First Aid
    • Leave No Trace Trainer
  • Hiroko Omoriさんプロフィール写真
    Hiroko Omori English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.003

    Hiroko was born in Osaka and graduated from Waseda University. Having lived in the UK and US for 25 years, she enjoyed sharing her interpretations to answer questions about Japan from locals. After coming back home country, she became a guide. Thanks to her ancestors who built the original Odawara Castle and their connection with Hakone Shrine, she feels special about guiding Hakone.

    • National Licensed Guide Interpreter
    • Wilderness Advanced First Aid
    • Leave No Trace Trainer
  • Mika Asaiさんプロフィール写真
    Mika Asai English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.004

    I was born in Shonan and grew up also in Shonan.My major at the university was history. But I have liked outdoor activities and reading since I was little. Bird watching and taking care of plants are also my hobbies. I want to introduce Hakone in various aspects such as its unique history, culture, crafts and magnificent nature.

    • National Guide Certificate (English)
    • Lreave No Trace Trainer
    • Diplom German in Japan (2nd grade)
    • Art Certification Test in Japan (2nd grade)
    • Wilderness First Aid
  • Hiroshi Yasuoさんプロフィール写真
    Hiroshi Yasuo English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.005

    In my life, I lived abroad more than 8 years. While being in abroad, I recognized that Japan was not recognized properly in outside of Japan. That was my background to become a National certified guide in 2017. In 2022, I became an English speaking AT guide of Hakone. I put maximum energy to satisfy my customers.

    • National Licensed Guide Interpreter
    • Itinerary Contorol Manager
    • Wilderness First Aid
    • Leave No Trace Trainer
  • Shoichi Ishizukaさんプロフィール写真
    Shoichi Ishizuka English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.006

    I was born and live in the town of Samukawa,Kanagawa Prefecture. I have enjoyed playing teniss for many years. I graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Law and worked as a local public servant for about 30 years before becoming a representative of my family's real estate management business. I've been a national licenced English-speaking Guide since 2017.

    • National Licensed Guide Interpreter
    • EIKEN Grade Pre-1
    • Itinerary Contorol Manager
    • Wilderness First Aid
    • Leave No Trace Trainer
  • Osamu Chokkiさんプロフィール写真
    Osamu Chokki English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.007

    I'm very happy to welcome you in Hakone. I'd like to arrenge your tour what you like to see like Lake Ashi, Owakudani valley and so on or to do such as hiking or local craft making called "Yosegizaiku".

    • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
    • Certified general travel business handling manager
    • Certified domestic travel business handling manager
  • Kotoyo Okugawaさんプロフィール写真
    Kotoyo Okugawa English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.009

    Kotoyo was born in Odawara City. She graduated from Pacific Lutheran University, Washington, U.S.A. In 2010, after rebuilding the old traditional tea house which her father ran at the time as the 12th generation and when he handed over his baton to his son, she decided to work there. Now she is ready to entertain those who come visit Hakone for pleasure having a wonderful time there.

    • なし
  • Jun Nakajimaさんプロフィール写真
    Jun Nakajima Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.011

    We will design your Hakone! As Hakone's first journey designer who coordinates your trip to Hakone, we will design Hakone to suit your tastes, including the rich nature that changes with the seasons, a variety of world-class art, rich food, and wonderful spaces! Born and raised in Hakone, we will design your Hakone by utilizing the knowledge and network we have cultivated through the various sightseeing spots in Hakone! Currently working mainly on coordination!

    • なし
  • Yoshihiko Hatakeyamaさんプロフィール写真
    Yoshihiko Hatakeyama English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.011

    Why not experience the beauty of Hakone's nature through plant and bird watching?
    The world of flowers seen through a magnifying glass and the world of birds seen through a telescope are separate from our everyday lives.
    Let's walk together through the mountains of Hakone in search of new discoveries.

    • Professional Engineer (Environmental Department: Natural Environment Conservation)
    • Nature observation instructor
    • Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands Guide
    • Hakone Tour Guide Association Guide
    • Member of the Japan Wild Bird Society
  • Takayuki Matsumotoさんプロフィール写真
    Takayuki Matsumoto English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.012

    While guiding the variety of the attractive areas in Hakone enjoying history, culture and the beauty of nature throughout the year, my goal is to give the visitors the authentic and unforgettable life-change experience with the feeling to come back to Hakone again.
    We can meet at Tokyo also where I lived near the Tokyo station and to visit Hakone via Odawara riding the 30-minute bullet train.

    • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)
    • Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor
    • Domestic Itinerary Control Manager
    • Wilderness First Aid Certificate
    • Real Estate Transaction Agent
  • Mayumi  Okuboさんプロフィール写真
    Mayumi Okubo English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.013

    I love nature and sports activities especially Kendo, one of Japanese martial arts. I also introduce a unique tour ,Kendo Experience to foreigh guests in Yokohama. Why don't you try it after traveling in Hakone ? You'll surely have an unfogettable memory while walking around beautiful and mystical Hakone , performing Kendo like Samurai warriors !

    • Government Lisenced Tour Guide (English)
    • Kendo Master with the 6th grade
    • Domestic Authorized Tour Conductor
    • First Aid certified by WFA
    • Leave No Trace Awareness Work shop
  • Atsushi Suzukiさんプロフィール写真
    Atsushi Suzuki English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.014

    I was born and grew up in Tokyo.
    When I was early 20's I lived in Newzealand for a year. after that I traveled a lot as a backpacker to have world experiences.
    After came back to Japan, I worked in medical instrument industry.
    But many friends of mine came to Japan to see me and travel my beautiful country. Then I realized that guiding my country is lots of fun.
    So I had got a professional guide license and became a tour guide.
    I can not wait to show you around!

    • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
    • Tour conductor
    • Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WMA)
    • Leave No Trace Trainer
    • JUDO 5 dan
  • Kiyoshi Jinnoさんプロフィール写真
    Kiyoshi Jinno Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.014

    As a professional guide interpreter, I am honoured to assist inboud tourists to Hakoke, the first-class destination in Japan, to achieve her/his goal to enjoy it. Why don't you join me and find the allure of Hakone whether it is fine day or not?

    • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
    • Certificate of Authorized Tour Conductor
    • A-grade Guide, Japan Guide Association
    • Wilderness First Aid Certificate
  • Sam, Okada Susumuさんプロフィール写真
    Sam, Okada Susumu English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.016

    Experienced Inbound Tour Guide for all over Japan. Especially, promoting The Forest Therapy Tour which includes meditation in Japan’s fantastic forests, as well as hand-on experiences of local life, traditional cultures and many. Let’s enjoy “no-other-visitors-do” tour together!

    • National Government Licensed Guide, Interpreter
    • Forest Therapist®
    • Mountain Guide for Foreign Visitors (Nagano Pref.)
    • Wilderness First Aid Certified
    • Domestic Itinerary Manager
  • Kaz Onumaさんプロフィール写真
    Kaz Onuma English Speaking Adventure Travel Guides
    Certification Number:No.017

    While working for foreign and domestic financial institutions for over several decades, I started frequently hiking in the mountains. I am also a food paring aficionado and have profound knowledge about wine and sake. My primary interest is to hike and meet local people to understand how they enjoy local food in a mixture of a historical and cultural context. I hope to guide inbound tourists for them to experience the nature, cuisine and the people of Japan.

    • EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency Level1
    • Wilderness Medical Associates Japan WFA
    • WSET Level3 Award in Wines
    • WSET Level3 Award in Sake
    • C.P.A Cheese Professional
  • Hiroyasu Tsuchidaさんプロフィール写真
    Hiroyasu Tsuchida Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.018

    "Now and long ago, the trip to Hakone starts here." At Hakone Sekisho.I learned for about three years at Hakone Sekisho, and I learned that Hakone has a variety of fun, such as nature, history, culture and play.My learning continues so that I can send out the charm of Hakone. "All journey begins with Hakone DMO for the future.” Everyone, please start traveling from Hakone Sekisho.

    • S.A.J skiing 1st grade
    • Amateur Wireless communication Engineer
  • Makoto Kadowakiさんプロフィール写真
    Makoto Kadowaki Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.025

    I started living in Kawasaki City when I got a job, and I still live there. I wanted to use my favorite English to convey the charm of Japan to people visiting Japan, so I acquired a license as a licensed guide interpreter.

    • National Government Licenced Guide Interpreter(English)
    • EIKEN Grade 1
  • Yoshinori Mine (Nickname Yoshi)さんプロフィール写真
    Yoshinori Mine (Nickname Yoshi) Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.034

    I will guide you mainly in northern Hakone known as Sengokuhara/Kojiri areas. These areas are fairly flat and easy to walk. You will meet wild birds insects and kinds of wild flowers and plants, some of wchich are unique in Japan.We may even spot wild mamals. Let's enjoy the nature together!

    • National English Speaking Guide
    • Forest Instructor(Nature Guide) certified by JFRC
    • Guardening Coordinator certified by JGA
    • Wilderness First Aid(WFA) certified by WMA
    • Basic German & French
  • Yuichi Kawahataさんプロフィール写真
    Yuichi Kawahata Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.038

    I am engaged in mountain walking activities in the Hakone Outer Rim Mountains and lakeshore of Lake Ashi, mainly along the Hakone Old Highway. Several times a month, we are hosting an event in which participants walk along the cobblestone pavement wearing ASHINAKA (straw sandals with no toes or heels). Walk through forests, mountain trails, and lakeshores to improve your physical and mental health. I will help you build your health in Hakone.

    • Leave No Trace Trainer
    • Wilderness Advanced First Aid
  • Koji Araiharaさんプロフィール写真
    Koji Araihara Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.040

    He lives in Hakone and works as a guide and an Agile coach.
    Let's make wonderful memories through experiencing nature in Sengokuhara.
    He also works as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach in the IT industry.

    • Advanced Certified ScrumMaster
    • Certified Agile Leadership E|O
    • Certified LeSS Practitioner
  • Makino Nishimuraさんプロフィール写真
    Makino Nishimura Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.041

    After teaching Japanese abroad and teaching English at some junior high schools in Japan, I became a guide interpreter because I wanted to convey more about the good points of Japan. I grew up in Kanagawa and have been attached to Hakone since I was a child. Let's enjoy Hakone, which is full of attractions such as Hakone Marquetry, cedar trees, and Owakudani!

    • National Government Licenced Guide Interpreter
    • Eiken Grade 1
    • Wilderness First Aid
    • Leave No Trace Trainer
    • Izu Peninsula Geo Certification Level 3
  • Michiko Kusamaさんプロフィール写真
    Michiko Kusama Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.043

    I was born in Mishima at the foot of Hakone. After studying English in Canada, I worked as an office worker, and I got an English guide license in 2015. I love beautiful nature, peaceful historical sites, traditions, and warm-hearted locals in Hakone. Why don't you enjoy an adventure in Hakone with me?

    • National Licensed Guide Interpreter
    • EIKEN Grade1
  • Yuki Hoshinoさんプロフィール写真
    Yuki Hoshino Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.045

    I am a professional English tour guide focused in Hakone, Tokyo, and the surrounding areas. Let’s visit Hakone leaving hustles and bustles of the cities behind and experience great nature and history. I will show you some best spots. I will take you to beautiful gardens, museums, hot springs, and so on based on your preference. Lived in the U.S. for 18 years and visited 23 countries.

    • National Licensed Guide Interpreter
    • Certified General Travel Service Manager by JATA
    • Kentucky Elementary Teacher Certification
    • JRCS Basic Life Supporter
    • Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop
  • Shoko Matsuoさんプロフィール写真
    Shoko Matsuo Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.046

    As an international flight attendant, I became interested in the well-being of the mind, body, and society. In1999, I started working on the theme of "Olfactory x Psychology x Sustainability". Based in Hakone in2021, I have been promoting wellbeing through the use of psychology and physiology.

    • licensed clinical psychologist
    • Aromatherapist
    • Arttherapist
    • Forest Self Care Supporter
  • Naoko Zaitsuさんプロフィール写真
    Naoko Zaitsu Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.051

    I studied Japanese art ,architecture,and painting such as UKIYOE at KEIO university, and worked for an American Company.I love dogs,hot spring,and nature,so I hope that people,animals,and nature can live in peace together.I want many people to know the wonderfulness of Hakone!!

    • Japan Kennel Club certificated Dog Care Manager
  • Hiroko Inabaさんプロフィール写真
    Hiroko Inaba Professional Tour Guides
    Certification Number:No.052

    Greetings from Hakone, Japan! I'm Hiro, a National English-speaking guide. Hakone is one of Tokaido fifty-three stations on old highway between Tokyo and Kyoto. You can be travelers from the old days! What are you going to do in Hakone? Visiting art museums, hot spring bathing, hiking, and visiting shrines and temples, you have a lot of options!! I will make your trips wonderful in Hakone. Come and visit me! See you soon!

    • Grade 1 English Proficiency Test
    • National Licensed English Speaking Guide
    • Grade 1 Inbound training instructor of Japan Tourism Agency