Green Destinations

Hakone Town was awarded the The Green Destinations Top 100 2022, an award program of Green Destinations, an international organization that certifies sustainable tourism destinations.(December 2022)

The Green Destinations Top 100 Stories is an annual competition that collects and celebrates initiatives from destinations globally, inspiring responsible tourism leadership.

The Green Destinations Top 100 Storie is an annual competition that invites good practice stories (good practice stories) on sustainable tourism initiatives from tourist destinations around the world and selects 100 regions that have received high evaluations.
The entries were recognized for Hakone Town’s promotion toward becoming an “Environmentally Advanced Tourism Destination – Hakone” and the fact that the town, residents, and businesses have connected and moved as ALL Hakone through the management of the Hakone DMO (Hakone Tourism Association) tourism destination.

As a good plactise story, Hakone Town’s efforts to the “Hakone DMO Certified Guide Training Project,” which has been conducted since last year, was introduced, leading to the award.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC®) is managing the GSTC Criteria, global standards for sustainable travel and tourism;
as well as providing international accreditation for sustainable tourism Certification Bodies. Green Destinations is GSTC-Accredited.