National Park Guidelines and Manners

Rules and Manners

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park

Guidelines for the Use of the Park and Trails

Hakone’s mountain trails and hiking trails offer a rich experience of nature nurtured by the varied topography, geology, and warm weather conditions brought about by volcanic activity since ancient times. However, this nature can be damaged and altered by the way we walk.

 In order to protect the rich nature of Hakone and pass it on to future generations, as well as to ensure safe and comfortable use of the trails, these guidelines have been prepared. We would like to ask for your cooperation in following these guidelines. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.



Please plan your hike with plenty of time to spare.



The weather in the mountains is changeable. Don’t forget your rain gear and warm clothes.


Volcanic gas

Be aware of volcanic gas warnings on the Owakudani – Kamiyama route. You can check the alerts at Owakudani Information. At present, the hiking trail leading to Owakudani is partially closed.


Protecting plants and animals

Do not take or damage plants or animals.


Proper use of the trail

Be careful not to step off the trail or damage the trail or other facilities.


Be considerate of others

When passing or overtaking other users, pay attention to the plants under your feet and give each other space.


Be aware of your surroundings when climbing

When using the trail in a group, walk in single file and pay close attention to other users, plants, and animals.


Using hiking poles

When using poles, be sure to attach a rubber cap to the end of them to avoid damaging the trail.


Be careful of falling rocks

Be careful not to drop rocks on rocky or slippery terrain.


Don’t leave any trash in nature

Be sure to take home any trash you bring with you.


Be careful with fire

Never camp or light fires outside of designated areas (campgrounds).


Sound Consideration

Keep the volume of radios and speakers to a moderate level to avoid disturbing people and affecting wildlife.


I want to have fun with my pet…

Please refrain from bringing pets, such as dogs, up the mountain as much as possible, as they may affect other users and wildlife.



Theft of alpine plants has been reported in the national park. If you see a suspicious person, please inform the police or the Ministry of the Environment.


Releasing animals destroys nature

In addition to releasing animals that can no longer be kept, there are many cases of people bringing in fireflies from outside and releasing them, or sowing flower seeds. The Hakone ecosystem is based on a delicate balance. The rule is not to bring them in and not to take them out.