We look forward to your visit to Hakone and hope it is one of your best experiences while in Japan. To ensure you have a good time, we have collected some useful information for your visit to Hakone. If you still have questions not answered below, please feel free to contact us directly through facebook messenger or calling one of our tourism information centers directly. We are here to help you have a wonderful time and are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Q: Where can I see Mt. Fuji?

A: Mt. Fuji can be seen from many places in Hakone. Some of the best views are from Owakudani. A beautiful view can be had from the shores of Lake Ashi in the Moto-Hakone area with the Hakone Shrine gates in the picture as well. Hakone is very close to Mt. Fuji, but some of the surrounding mountains block direct views. Climbing Mt. Kintoki in Sengokuhara will give you one of the best views of the mountain in Japan.

Q: What are popular souvenirs from Hakone?

A: Hakone is most well known for onsen manju and yosegi zaiku wood crafts. Yosegi zaiku is the local traditional wood craft perfected and refined over generations and centuries. This local craft registered as a piece of cultural importance to the Japanese by the central government. There are many shops selling yosegi zaiku and there are shops you can visit to see the modern craftsmen still at work. Throughout the Hakone area there are special foods and sweets to enjoy. The sweet red bean filled pastries called onsen manju are a famous local product.

Q: Are there one day hot springs in Hakone?

A: Yes, there are many places you can enjoy hot springs in Hakone even on a day trip. Tenzan, Yuryo, Yunnesan, Kappa Tengoku, Hakone no Yu are all places that specialize in accommodating day trippers. Many hotels and ryokan also offer the option of using their baths as part of a lunch set

Q: What are the best hiking spots in Hakone?

Hakone is in the Hakone-Izu National Park. There are many trails with different difficulty levels and with different views. Some of the most popular hikes in the area are Mt. Kintoki, the old Tokaido Road, around Lake Ashi, and plenty of short walks in the area.

Q: What do in Hakone with kids?

There are many places for the kids to enjoy when in Hakone. Many children enjoy riding the different transportation methods in town. Riding a pirate ship, ropeway, and mountain train can be fun. Yunnesan is an onsen theme park with different baths, hot springs, and pools to enjoy. For adventurous kids, you can enjoy the tree zip lining at Forest Adventure in Tonosawa. The Hakone Oudoor Museum has interactive art installations that kids can climb on. If your kids enjoy crafts, the Crafthouse in Gora lets you make glass creations and other crafts. The Nature Fureai Kan in Moto-Hakone is geared towards showcasing the nature of Hakone to kids as well.

Q: What should I do if I forgot something on the bus?

If you forget something on the bus or train please remember the name of the company which ran the bus or train you were on. There are different companies running transportation in Hakone, the Hakone Tozan and the Izu Hakone and different train lines. Please call one of the numbers below to inquire about lost items Hakone Tozan Bus 0465-35-1271   Izu Hakone Bus 0465-34-0333   Hakone Meguri Bus 0460-86-0880   JR Tokaido Line 050-2016-1601

Q: Can you rent or use a wheelchair in Hakone? 

A: Unfortunately there is no one place in Hakone where you can rent a wheelchair to enjoy the area. However, many of the sites and modes of transportation are “barrier-free” and can accommodate people with mobility challenges. At certain sites like the Hakone Ropeway, Lake Cruise, Museums, and Owakudani there are wheelchairs available for guests to rent for use in those specific areas.

Q: Are there vegetarian and halal places to eat in Hakone?

A: There are no specific restaurants for guests who prefer halal or vegetarian options. However many restaurants are very accommodating to dietary needs if you ask them. Some places also offer halal options and should be contacted ahead of time.

Top image:by Miyanoshita Fujiya Hotel

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