Mt. Sengen

Mt. Sengen is one of the central peaks of the interior mountain group of Hakone. Mt. Sengen has a height of 802 meters and is a point where many popular hiking trails intersect.


The mountain was once named Shimo-Takanosu, but in the Edo period (1603-1878) a Sengen shrine was built on the mountain by worshipers of the deity of Mt. Fuji. The mountain would derive its name from this shrine. During the warring states period (1467-1615) the Takanosu Castle was built in the area as a small satellite castle for the protection of the main castle in Odawara.


The peak of Mt. Sengen is along the Yusaka Trail starting in Yumoto (2h) and can also be reached from Miyanoshita (1h), Chisuji waterfalls (0.5h), and even Hatajuku village (1.5h) via the Hiryu waterfalls.