Otome Pass

The Otome Pass is a mountain pass in the northwest part of Hakone connecting Sengokuhara with Gotemba. It has been known since ancient times as a famous spot to view Mt. Fuji and is considered one of the Fujimi Mitsutoge, “the three Fuji view mountain passes.”

In the Edo period (1603-1868) there was a travel checkpoint set up here and the name derived from the word tome, “to stay”. Later the characters for the mountain pass would change to be based on the story of a young woman named Tome.

Tome was the only daughter of an aging man who lived in Sengokuhara. The man was ill and the young woman would sneak off at night to a shrine on the other side of the pass to pray for his health. The father became suspicious of her evening activities and followed her out on one winter evening. He learned that she had been coming to pray for his health and on his way home found her fallen and freezing in the snow. The villagers renamed the pass in her name.