Many Stone Statues in Hakone

Offering Prayers for Safe Journery-Moto-Hakone Stone Buddha Statues

Long time ago Hakone looks like a Hell for its lavas, rocks and steams. In order to offer prayers to safe journey to the travelers, many Buddhist god statues were made there.

Many Stone Statues in Hakone

Many stone statues were started to be made there at Kamakura era, 700 years ago. It was to offer Safe journey by making one of the Buddhism God, Ksiti Gharbha, Japanese name ZIZO Bosatsu, who is in charge of the difficulties and grieves of human being life. Therefore there are many stone statues of JIZO, the tombstones of the stonemasons and the Buddhist monks.

Layout of the Statues

Stone Statues Museum
Yao-Bikuni’s tomb
Yao-Bikuni’s story was that she once lived 800 years and got to know what the eternal life is. Nobaly knows why her tomb is here.

Ouchou Zizo
Ocho-Zizo statue was made at Oucho sub-in Edo era.

Tada Mitsunaka’ tomb
He was the lwarlord of this area.

Rikudo ZIZO
The worlds are said to be 6 separated zones after death by Buddhism. Rikudo-zizo give his love over these six universes.

25 Buddhism Attendamts stutes
Soga brothers’ tombs
Soga brothers’ story was a ind of a revenge. The story included the drama that once happened in Hakone.

address 228 Motobako Hakone-machi Ashigara-simo-gun
Phone Number +81-460-85-7601
Access From Odawara Station or Hakone-Yumoto Station, take Hakone-Tozan bus or Izu-Hakone Bus bound for Hakone-machi, and get off at bus stops of “Soga-kyodai-no haka”, or “Rikudou-zizo”
Price free
Open Times Establishment time from March to November from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from December to February from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Parking Available
Holiday Always without holiday

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