The Ashinoko skyline

Mikuni Pass

Mikuni Pass is one of the most beautiful locations with views of Fuji. When looking from this location,we can see Mishima with Numazu on the outside. The Pacific Ocean, in the distance impresses visitors with the views of the Izu Peninsula. It is the perfect place for photography.

View of the lake Ashinoko

The Ashinoko skyline which is located on the west side of Hakone . There are several view points from this location. You can enjoy the magnificent Hakone views with a volcanic lake in the summit.

Fuji View Restaurants

You can enjoy a meal or go shopping surrounded by beautiful scenery outside.
A popular menu item is omelet curry. It is an omelet with chicken and curry sauce.
The rice has a slight ketchup taste. There is also coffee and delicious cakes for dessert.

Lake View Restaurant

It is a Japanese restaurant with noodle dishes with delicious traditional taste.
There is soft cream which combines the sweetness of Japan and other desserts.
Outside the shop, there are hiking trails that climb to the summit.

Melody pave

When driving along there is a place where music can be heard from the road surface by a special pavement. Please enjoy this fun, magical experience.