Odakyu Hotel De Yama

True relaxation that has been improved through the changing times.

SINCE 1948

The authentic resort hotel “Hotel de Yama” boasts the best location on the lakeside of Lake Ashi. We were originally the villa of Baron Koyata Iwasaki, whose uncle is Yataro Iwasaki, the founder of Mitsubishi. Since 1948, we have followed the baron’s philosophy toward hospitality for guests within and outside the country, and the hotel still maintains the classical atmosphere.


The nature that was passed down to us provides high quality hospitality.

Over 60 years since our founding, Odakyu Hotel de Yama has made a renewal opening in 2015. This hotel maintain the charm and history while our staff provides the best service. Whether you are here for lodging or day trips, Hotel de Yama will provide an extraordinary day for you.



Historic hotel of Hakone that provides relaxation

The beautiful and ever-changing Lake Ashi can be enjoyed from all the guestrooms.

Relaxing at this historical Hakone hotel with each floor with a different design and enjoying the resort life is something to look forward to.



Enjoy the beautiful scenery with gourmet traditional cuisine.

The French restaurant “Vert Bois” and Japanese restaurant “Tsutsuji no Chaya” are great places for lunch with friends, dining, wedding parties, special occasions, or even private dining.


Our famous in-house hot spring of Lake Ashi

Enjoy our famous in-house hot spring of Lake Ashi in our classic and authentic space. 
Our “Bihada no yu” will revitalize your skin with its alkaline simple hot spring.


  • Our grand 130,000m² garden by Lake Ashi

    Our grand 130,000m² garden by Lake Ashi has Mt. Fuji as its backdrop, providing a wonderful view whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Our carefully trimmed garden has walkways for you to enjoy its history throughout the four seasons.

address Motohakone 80, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimogun, Kanagawaken, 250-0522
Phone Number 0460-83-6321