Welcome to Senkyoro, a hot spring and Japanese inn in Hakone

Why not escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relieve yourself of your fatigue by bathing in our treasured natural hot spring with milky white water? The true Japanese atmosphere will beckon you to a sweet place of the good old days. Smooth milky water runs down your skin, while the fresh air of Hakone wraps you around.


Senkyoro, a long-established hot-spring inn in Hakone

The number of rooms in our inn is 39. You can choose from a variety of rooms. “Japanese-style rooms in the main building” provide a great view, five of which come with an open air bath; “Japanese-style rooms in the east building” provide a rich Japanese atmosphere; a couple of “Rooms with an open air bath in the annex to the west building” have a very quiet atmosphere; the “Villa Oku no Kigi” with a total of six rooms is equipped with a private outdoor hot tub. Fragrance from abundant Hakone-indigenous flowers and greens will pour into the room of your choice. If you stay in one of the abovementioned thirteen rooms, each with its own outdoor hot tub, you can enjoy a flow-through hot spring without stepping out of your room.
If you are looking for a great hot spring and/or Japanese inn in Hakone, Senkyoro is the place to go.


Seasonal changes in the view of the mountain from room windows.
The garden has abundant fresh flowers and greens that spread their fragrances into guest rooms through open windows as if trying to compete with the scent of tatami mats. Change into a yukata, an informal cotton kimono, sit back, and you will feel how wonderful Japan is, as if you have never known it before. You might as well let your mood select from a variety of Japanese-style rooms available in the back building with a long and distinguished history, the main building with a vista, and the east building that provides a rich Japanese atmosphere.
Return to the starting line. Enveloped in a traditional Japanese atmosphere, you somehow feel as if you were back in a sweet place of the good old days. Step in a room with beautiful woodwork, look at the refreshing view of the garden through the windows, and feel at peace. With the Hakone wind on your face and luxuriant healing green in sight, you, the traveler, will return to your true self.


Variety in color. Variety in taste. Seasons are the greatest maestros when it comes to preparing miraculous ingredients. The dainty ingredients will then be treated by the hands of master chefs who have devoted many long years to turn them into beautiful and gorgeous dishes. With heavenly cuisines, pleasant conversation grows into full blossom.

“Enjoying beauty” may be more apt to our enchanting selection of fine dishes than “enjoying taste.”


With fresh air of Hakone and the sound of nature, enjoy the rustic charm of your body and soul being relaxed in healing water. Look up into the sky and touch the greenery around you, and you will find your innocent mind coming back before you know.
Smooth milky water from the sulfur spring will roll down your skin.
Heavenly peace provides a prime moment.

* Chartered open air baths (“Otome no Yu” and “Kintoki no Yu”) are available at ¥1,080 for 45 minutes.
Please request after checking in.


Drifting clouds adorn the edge of a mountain, which is lit up with the setting sun. Twittering birds caper and fly away. Nature speaks to you through four definite seasons. A fragrance wafts from blossoms in spring; summer brings fresh breeze; the mountain glows with autumnal colors; deep silence stops the clock in winter. Feel the breath of nature abundant in this garden through the changes of the seasons.
Why not change into a yukata and saunter along a 30-minute walkway stretching on the premises? Immerse yourself in nature out in the open and have a great time.


Each season produces a soothing, relaxing and refined environment, which starts with the elegant entrance made of massive wood. Relax your mind while feeling a sense of liberation and enjoying the magnificent view. A variety of facilities further adds to your pleasant stay at the Senkyoro. Blissful moments and healing pleasure are all yours.

Area Sengokuhara
address 1284 Sengokuhara, Hakone-cho, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa 250-0631
Phone Number 0460-84-8521
Facilities Japanese Pottery Class is available during your stay
Wi-Fi OK

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