Tonosawa Hot Spring is counted among the seven hot springs of Hakone.
On the other side of the suspension bridge
crossing the Hayakawa River there stands a one-building inn, “Yama No Chaya”.
Please relax and enjoy the quiet and calm rooms offering a view of the abundant nature, the open air baths filled with flowing hot spring water, and delicious cuisine made with the finest seasonal ingredients.


The murmuring of Hayakawa echoing gently directly below, and the mountain scenery from outside your window. This inn’s guest rooms are all equipped with personal spring water in the rooms. A room equipped with a quality open air bath and a viewing stand. You can select from 12 types of rooms including twin futon beds.

Discovered in the Nara period and prospering in the Edo period as one of Hakone’s seven hot springs, its Tonosawa’s colorless, clear and famous waters have long healed many travellers. At our inn you can enjoy the effects of these hot spring water drawn from 300M below the ground on the premises. Tattoo OK Swimwear NG

[Tonosawa Hot Springs]
Water type: Mildly alkaline simple thermal hot springs
Effects: Skin beatification, fatigue relief, nerve pain, stomach illnesses, women’s diseases, sensitivity to cold

Our cuisine is carefully created drawing out the flavors of only the finest seasonal ingredients which are only available at certain times. Taking advantage of our location directly next to the mountains and sea to order fresh fish, meat, and vegetables, we offer a daily-rotating menu of cuisine based on our unique dashi.


Aroma therapy which heals your body and mind through synergy with the natural hot springs. A massage after bathing promotes blood circulation and increases metabolism, while before a bath it makes it easier for your body to absorb the active ingredients of the hot spring. Please enjoy relaxation through all-hand aroma treatment using organic oil made in the UK.

Area Yumoto
address 171 Tounosawa, Hakonemachi,Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa,Japan 〒250-0315
Phone Number +81-460-85-5493
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