With a long and proud tradition of world class hospitality, the KINUGAWA KANAYA brand introduces the KANAYA RESORT HAKONE, a masterful combination of inventive cuisine, beautiful nature, luxurious accommodations.

The KANAYA RESORT HAKONE is closely connected to the tradition and history of the Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel. Inheriting the traditions of the long-established hotel, these villas among the trees of the Hakone mountains offer the ultimate in privacy, luxury, and hospitality.

People come to Hakone to get away from the busy life in Tokyo and take a break surrounded by the  magnificent nature of the Hakone mountains. The history and elegance of Hakone, with its many high-class inns and famous hot springs is  exceptional. It’s hard to believe that it’s only an hour and a half away from the city center. Even the blue sky  seems to feel closer. The KANAYA RESORT HAKONE is a masterful combination of inventive cuisine, beautiful nature, luxurious accommodations.

Culinary Experiences

Fine dining is a centerpiece of the Kanaya experience. The KANAYA RESORT HAKONE carries on the traditions and culinary work of the “Seiyo Zendokoro John Kanaya Azabu Restaurant”, the fine dining restaurant established by John Kanaya in the Azabu area of Tokyo. His vision of combining and using the influences of  the best of East and West is carried on here. Popular menu items such as the Kanaya Tamago, created by Japan’s Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, can be experienced here as part of each delicate and complex French inspired dish. The vast wine selection will compliment your journey through the umami flavors of the seasons.

Luxurious Privacy

As you enter the guest room, the large windows are filled with a view of the forest. Each room has a high level of privacy and peacefulness that incorporates the lush natural surroundings. The densely covered surroundings change color throughout the year with the seasons and offers guests a natural show of beauty and contrast. Each room has a private hot spring on the balcony overlooking the woods to enjoy at your leisure. Enjoy the evening rest on the famously crafted Slumberland mattress with 100% cotton weaved satin covers for the ultimate in comfort.

Personal Hot Springs

The KANAYA RESORT HAKONE is gifted with the famous milky smooth “skin beautifying” hot spring waters of Owakudani that constantly flow down to the hotel. This special hot spring water is rich in minerals and natural components gained by passing through layers of volcanic rock over the years. Each room has a private hot spring bath on spacious outdoor balconies. These await to be enjoyed at your leisure surrounded by the sounds of the mountains. Immerse yourself in the gifts of nature.

Area Sengokuhara
address 1251-16 Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken 250-0631
Phone Number +81-460-84-0888
Facilities Restaurant, Lounge & Bar
Remarks RESERVATION:+81-288-76-2030<9:00〜18:00>