A Hakone Day Trip Part 1

A day trip to Hakone is one of the best ways to spend a day outside Tokyo. An overnight trip is the best way to see the area, but you can get all the highlights in one day!

What is Hakone? A wonderful option to see the beauty of Japan. All about a day trip to Hakone.

I was recently in Japan for a one week vacation and wanted to see, feel, and experience different parts of the country, this being my first time. Tokyo was a wonderful city to discover, but just a few days of the neon lights, shopping, and museums was enough for me. I was in search for the best one day trip from Tokyo.

After doing some research, I found that there were a few decent options each with a different appeal. Nikko was a place with wonderful architecture in the secluded mountains of Tochigi. Yokohama was an interesting metropolis on the bay, Kamakura was a historical capital of Japan in the past. I decided Hakone was the place for me. What is Hakone? Hakone is just a short train ride from Tokyo`s Shinjuku Station. There are mountains, views of Mt. Fuji, hot springs, historical sites, and many traditional ryokan.

The best way to see Hakone was on the Odakyu Freepass. The Odakyu Freepass was sold at only Shinjuku, Hakone, and Odawara Stations, but I have heard you can now buy it at any 7-11! The Odakyu Freepass is a discount pass that let`s you ride on all the different forms of transportation in the Hakone area, as much as you want during the two days, just by flashing your pass. It is super convenient, economical, and makes all the hassle of buying a ticket a thing of the past.

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