Hiking Hakone`s Kintoki Mountain


Kintoki Mountain is a hiking route starting in Hakone or Ashigara. The trail is steeped in legend and named after the legendary Japanese children`s tale, Kintaro. Kintaro is the story of a boy raised in the mountains with animals as friends. There are tales of him wrestling bears, running with deer, and chopping trees with his ever present ax. Kintaro was raised in the area and as you ascend the mountain you will pass the shrine dedicated to his spririt.


Hiking time from the base to top is approximately 2 hours and difficulty is low to intermediate. Wear some comfortable shoes and bring drinks. The trail connects to the network of hiking trails in the Hakone and Ashigara regions.

This particular area offers more than just a chance to enjoy nature. Along the trail are some interesting natural objects whose origins are attributed to Kintaro. At the peak of Kintoki Mountain is one of the best views of the majestic Fuji Mountain you can find. The small rest house at the top of the mountain is run by a 80 year old woman who is a legend herself. She has made the climb almost daily for the last 40 years to maintain and run the rest house at the peak. Affectionately known as the “Daughter of Kintoki Mountain” her demeanor, smile, and hospitality are a welcome reward to reaching the peak.


The starting point for this trail lies a fews bus stops away from central Sengokuhara and is conveniently located behind the Kintoki Shrine.

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