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Hakone mountain system,as well as Arashiyama in Kyoto and Daisen in Tottori, is one of the foremost area abounding in woods.
With having this well natural condition at its back,in Hakone Yosegi Zaiku, elaborate patterns are produced with making the most of various natural colors of woods, to use making small boxes and other products.

Japanese Inlay

Japanese Inlay (Zougan) is a technique to make pictures or patterns by just using natural woods with various colors and to express them with making the most of natural colors of woods.This traditional woodwork art is so unique to the Hakone region that it is very valuable. As its successors are very few and it requires a great deal of skill, now few skillful craftsmen make its products.

Japanese Puzzle box

It is said that this Secret Box was created in 1893, the late Edo period. 
It is not opened until you loosen devices given to the box. (There is no description to open. Please challenge to find the way by yourself! ) 
The number of steps is 4, 7, 10, or 12. We exhibit and preserve the Secret Box which needs 125 actions to open.

Jewelry box

This lines are popular as congratulant gifts, return gifts, and other presents. They are also traditional handcrafts in Hakone.

Small Drawers

This is a typical work of Hakone Yosegi Zaiku, created in 1820. Many skillfull craftsmen have been making them. In the past they were appeared in the works of Hiroshige Ando.

Wooden Tray(Square, Round, Saucers & Canisters)

As it is impossible to mass-produce them, we deal in this lines only at the limited stores. They are products made by the very skillful technique, such as fine articles and works received prizes in the exhibition of all Japanese traditional handcrafts.

Area Lake Ashi
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