Hakone Art Museum

Okada Mokichi, the founder of the museum, initially purchased a villa here in Gora that belonged to the twentieth-century tycoon Fujiyama Raita in 1944. He then gradually acquired adjacent lots to form what is today the Shinsenkyō garden.

The attached gardens offer the opportunity to enjoy changing views through seasons; the moss garden with maples, the rock garden Sekiraku-en (partially open), and the Japanese bush clover along the Hagi-no-michi path.

Area Gora
address 1300 Gora, Hakone-machi, Ashigarasimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken
Phone Number TEL:+81-460-82-2623 
FAX Number FAX:+81-460-82-0124
Open Times 9:30~16:30

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