The superb view hot spring which looks at Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji from a country registration tangible cultural property

The superb view hot spring which can look at Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji at the same time from all bathtubs

Palace of the Dragon King Main Building prepared into the bank of Moto-Hakone Lake Ashi in imitation of Byodo-in Temple of Uji was rebeared as a one-day hot spring.
I come back through Lake Ashi from a bath of man and woman whichever on superb view day which Mount Fuji can overlook in the other side of the Hakone outer rim of a volcanic crater under eyes and am a hot spring. It is a historical building of valuable 80 just to enter it with the registration tangible cultural property of the country.
The outdoor bath of the woman is the panorama which it becomes made, and overlooks Lake Ashi 180 degrees such as the Infinity pool, feeling of opening preeminence!
In addition, it is Mt. Komagatake ropeway and aquarium, the Hakone garden with the Lake Ashi pleasure boat around this hot spring. In addition, there is the restaurant “lake-side grill” which opened this year and can thoroughly enjoy 40 kinds of buffet lunches in resort hotel “the prince Hakone Lake Ashi”.
I eat a lunch, and how about healing the fatigue of the trip in a superb view hot spring after having played at Hakone garden?

Outside hot spring (bathroom for women)

*Home spa (1)
*Outdoor bath (1)
*Steam sauna (1)
*Lane shower (1)
*Powder room
*Hot water rest  (1) for exclusive use of the woman

Hot spring (bathroom for men)

*Home spa (1)
*Outdoor bath (1)
*Finnish sauna (1)
*Water hot water (1)

The Palace of the Dragon King Main Building built in Shizuoka Hamanako in 1938 was removed and rebuilt in the shore of Lake Ashi in 1957.
The building made in imitation of Uji Byodo-in Temple Chinese phoenix temple by volume of approximately 2.7 times was registered with the registration tangible cultural property of the country in 2017.
The stairs hall of the particularly central ridge can watch the careful work of the carpenter specializing in building shrines and temples who does not use one nail either. Do you not skid in the historical building of approximately 80 years in time? Valuable was registered with a registration tangible cultural property, entering it building

SPA( beauty treatment salon)

Area Motohakone
address 139 Motohakone, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken
Phone Number 0460-83-1126
Access Access / Tomei Expressway Atsugi I.C. Via から Odawara-Atsugi Expressway 52km (normal time one hour five minutes). Tomei Expressway Gotemba I.C. Via から young girl Pass 24km (normal time 45 minutes). When the Hakone new road has you use it because you can pass it free, it is convenient.

Is a taxi from train / Tokaido Shinkansen Odawara Station; 45 minutes (approximately 7,800 yen). Is a taxi by taxi from (approximately 6,900 yen), Tokaido Shinkansen Mishima Station from Odakyu pair-seat car Hakone-Yumoto Station for 30 minutes; 50 minutes (approximately 8,000 yen).

Is Hakone, Izu bus from bus / Tokaido Shinkansen Odawara Station; one hour 20 minutes (to the prince Hakone Lake Ashi). Is Hakone, Izu bus from Odakyu pair-seat car Hakone-Yumoto Station; one hour five minutes (to the prince Hakone Lake Ashi).

Prince express Hakone Lake Ashi. For time two hours 25 minutes normal by Odakyu Hakone express bus from the Shinjuku Station west exit "Hakone garden getting off" (2,100 yen).

The circulation bus running free from Moto-Hakone to Palace of the Dragon King Main Building is available.
(Moto-Hakone ⇔ Palace of the Dragon King Main Building ⇔ Hakone garden ⇔ the prince Hakone Lake Ashi)
Price Adult 1,800 yen primary schoolchild 1,000 yen infant 500 yen

※ A consumption tax is not included in a rate.
※ The visitor 12 years or older costs bath tax (one person 50 yen) separately.
※ I am obstinate and, by the instruction of the authorities, decline the use of a gang, a gangster or a person made a tattoo, tattoo. In addition, when I discover it by any chance, I cancel the use promptly, and thank you for your understanding because I have you leave it.
Open Times From 10:00 to 20:00 (last reception desk 19:00)
Website http://www.princehotels.co.jp/ryuguden/honkan/
Parking 100 (free)
Holiday no holiday
Credit Card VISA JCB Master
Bathing A man: Home spa (1), outdoor bath (1), Finnish sauna (1) woman: Home spa (1), outdoor bath (1), steam sauna (1), powder room, hot water closed place for exclusive use of the woman
Dinning Place to eat "Fuji"
You can enjoy a simple meal served for a drinking party that used a fish landed in the sea near the shore and local vegetables abundantly in the place to eat which can relax relaxedly. Because room seat, both seats at a table prepare, the seat can relax from small child to a visitor old in peace. Of course group is available, too. Please spend dainty food and the good-quality time of the hot spring in all of you.
[business hours ]11:00A.M. - 6:00P.M.(L.O.5:15P.M.)]
*3:30P.M. After that it becomes the light meal menu.
Number of seats 80 seats of 20 tables
Facilities Place to eat "Fuji" SPA beauty treatment salon "Spa ASAGAO", private room hot water closed place (pay), man and woman joint ownership hot water closed place, stand
Remarks The Prince Hotel group card "SEIBU PRINCE CLUB" member is available with a reduced fare. You can enroll free on that day at a reception desk.