Sengokuhara Susuki Festival

The vast fields of Sengokuhara are covered with tall susuki grass (silvergrass; Miscanthus sinensis). Deep green in summer, the grass sends up glistening seed mauve heads from September that turn into silvery tufts by mid-autumn. This glittering grass is celebrated at the Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands, which usually hosts the annual Sengokuhara Susuki Festival on the day of the autumnal equinox. Besides walking through the susuki fields to admire the seasonal scenery, you can enjoy an evening stroll through the rest of the labyrinthine garden, which is lit up from sunset to add to the festive atmosphere. Nearby hotels, ryokan inns, and restaurants set up stalls where you can savor select delicacies at affordable prices, while performances of dance and music also take place. The festival ends with a fireworks display, during which some 1,000 rockets light up the skies over the Sengokuhara area.

This English-language text was created by the Japan Tourism Agency.

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