This unique botanical garden, which display most of the aquatic plants seen in japanese wetlands, was first established in 1976. The botanical garden is located in Hakone-Sengokuhara, 650m (2,200 feet ) above sea level.

The Garden, which was formerly a flat area containing rice paddies, is now a specially designed ecosystem consisting of man-made hills, rockeries, ponds, streams and several different types of moors. It consists of eight divisions; namely, 4 moors, a swampforest, am upland forest, a meadow and an alpine garden, whose flowers present a continuously changing picture with the seasons. 

In this Garden more than a thousand species of wild herbaceous and woody plants are collected and displayed as natural plant communities. Since individual plants are placed in a natural situation, the Garden should help you not only to identity each plant, but also to recognize its natural locality.


Walking along the route indicated, you will find examples of for different types of wetlands : marsh, fen, bog and swamp. There are the four basic types of wetland ecosystems. The marsh, fen and bog are all grass-dominated, but are supported by different root system : eutrophic,mesotrophic and oligotrophic, respectively. A swamp differs from a marsh only in that woody plants are dominant.


There different areas-an upland forest, a meadow and an alpine garden-surround the wetland vegetation.
The upland forest consists of deciduous trees, such as oaks, maples, and dogwoods, which are common to the Hakone mountain area. In the meadow area, one can find many plants commonly seen near the home and roadside ; for example, dandelions and violets. Some 120 species of lovely alpine plant, such as Komakusa, Kuroyuri, are displayed in the alpine garden.

Area Sengokuhara
address 817 Sengokuhara,Hakone-machi, Kanagawa-ken, 250-0631
Phone Number +81-460-84-7293
Access Bus from ODAWARA
originates at ODAWARA Station(JR and Odakyu Line), travels via Yumoto and Miyanoshita. Get off at SENGOKU-ANNAISHO, 8 minutes-wali from Garden. Terminates Kojiri or Togendai.

Bus from TOKYO
(Odakyu-Hakone-Kosoku Bus) originates at SHINJUKU Station,travels via Tomei-Expwy. Get off at SENGOKU-ANNAISHO, 8 minutes-wali from Garden. Terminates Kojiri or Togendai.
Price Adult : 700Jpy
Children, 6 to 12 : 400Jpy
Open Times Every day from Mar 10 through Nov 30.
9AM to 5PM ( last entrance 4:30PM )

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