Hakone has many hiking trails with different lengths and levels of difficulty. Each Hakone trail has a wonderful story and abundant natural sites to see along the way. Hakone has just released an English hiking map available at local stations and information centers.

Hakone has mountain trails and views for everyone!

Explore the mountains and nature of Hakone on foot. Hakone is a wonderful mountainous region full of different trails of different levels, stories, and views. You can get amazing views of Mt. Fuji from Mt. Kintoki, walk the historic trail on the Old Tokaido Road, enjoy the nature around Lake Ashi, or go to extremes completing the course all around the outlying ring of peaks.

Mt. Kintoki, views of Fuji

Kinotoki Mountain

Views of Fuji

Get to one of Japan`s best views of Mt. Fuji from Mt. Kintoki, the setting for one of Japan`s most beloved children`s tales. The Legend of Kintaro is famous throughout Japan. The tale of a boy who grew up in the mountains around the area. Enjoy the lush forests and folktale settings. Also take in the the geological evidence of Hakone`s volcanic origins along this route.

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Hakone Skyline

Hike the mountain crest in front of Fuji

Start hiking at Lake Ashi

Start along the shores of beauitful Lake Ashi and hike up the weathered volcanic crater walls up to a spectacular trail that walks you along the volcanic rim with views of Mt. Fuji. You can also get wonderful vistas of the Hakone mountains and Owakudani. This trail will start at the bus stop by the lake and have you end at the convenient bus stop on the mountain.

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Chisuji Waterfalls

The Chisuji Waterfalls are some of the most interesting and impressive waterfalls in this part of Japan. The hot spring water flows between two hardened ancient lava flows giving the appearance that it is coming straight out of the earth.In winter, the waterfalls steam because they are naturally warmed by the earth. It is only a 15 minutes walk up the hill from Kowakien Station on the Hakone Tozan Train line.

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Old Tokaido Road

Great Cryptomeria Avenue in Moto-Hakone

Amazake Teahouse

This is one of the most famous roads in all of Japan. Originally used by travellers, samurai, and daimyo going between Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. The Tokaido Road has a long history and interesting spots along the way. The trail can also be enjoyed in smaller sections. Starting at the woodcraft village of Hatajuku and walking to Lake Ashi is the best part. See and feel Japanese history.

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