If you are inked there are still many wonderful opportunities to enjoy the Japanese hot spring in Hakone

Hakone is famous for it`s hot springs, better known as onsen in Japanese. There are hundreds of wonderful places to choose from. You might know that being tatooed in Japan has been historically frowned upon because of the association with organized crime (although this is slowly changing). Most people have no problem with tattoos, but many Japanese establishments are conservative when it comes to their business practices.

If you have some ink…awesome. There are still ways to enjoy the incredible hot springs of Japan if you are tattoed. Here are three options for people with some art on their body.

Public Day Use Hot Springs

Tenzan in Hakone Yumoto

Hakone is sometimes visitied as a day trip from Tokyo. There are a number of establishments that cater to these people and just a few that allow people with tattoos. One beautiful outdoor option is Tenzan located in Hakone Yumoto. The outdoor hot springs, sauna, and beautiful surroundings make this one of the best onsen regardless of you are inked or not. There are no strict rules, but we ask that you don`t have a full body tattoo and are not part of a large group of super tatted people. The main goal here is to make everyone comfortable and keep harmony so everyone can enjoy the hot springs of Hakone.

Private Hot Spring at your Accommodation

Hakone Kowakien Tenyu

There are more than 100 types of accomodation in the Hakone area welcoming visitors for centuries. Most of these places have hot springs for their guests and some even have private hot spring available for rent for an extra fee. Contact your front desk to see what time slots are open. An extra fee of about ¥2000 is not too much to have your own private space for an hour or two.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us anytime through the messenger tab. We look forward to your visit.