Kamakura kodo path and Yusakamichi

Experience the rich nature of Hakone

Ashigara route which was the major road was closed after Mt.Fuji exploded in 802. Yusakamichi and Kamakura kodo were created instead. The noblemen (bushi) used to travel to the three important shrines of Hakonegongen, Izusangongen and Mishimamyojin. They would use this new route and it is recorded that Minamoto no Yoritomo also walked this road. This route has a longer history than the Old Tokaido Way. Secluded and uncrowded route where visitors can quietly experience the rich nature of Hakone.

Area Kowakidani - Yumoto area
Available Date All Year Around (9:30 am to 3:30 pm)
Tour Duration 6 hours
Itinerary 09:30 - Meet in front of Mikawaya Ryokan (Hakonemachi Kowakidani 503)
09:45 - Walk in Horaien Park and enjoy the beautiful Japanease gardens
10:05 - Chisuji Falls
11:20 - Break or lunch
12:00 - Hiking on Yusakamichi trail
14:30 - Arrive in Yumoto and explore the area
15:30 - End of tour at Hakone Yumoto Station
Minimum Paticipants 2 people
Maximum Paticipants 8 people per 1 guide
Language Japanese, English
Address 258 Yumoto, Hakonemachi, KANAGAWA 250-0311 (Hakone DMO)

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