Hakone Ashinoko (Lake Ashi) Boat Cruise

Hakone Ashinoko(Lake Ashi) Boat Cruise have double hulls, so they have superior stability and twice the width.

The observation deck in particular provides 360-degree views. You can take a 30-minute excursion from the port at Hakone Sekisho-ato Port or the Moto-hakone Port. You can tour the southern half of Lake Ashinoko and view the Hakone Sekisho(Checkpoint) and the red torii archway of Hakone-jinja Shrine from on board the boat. On clear days, you can view Mt. Fuji, which is a registered world cultural heritage site, as you enjoy your short trip on the lake at Hakone. Regularly scheduled boats link the four ports of the Hakone Sekisho-ato Port, Moto-hakone Port, Hakone-en Port, and Kojiri Port.
*In the event of thick fog, strong wind, or other inclement weather, boat schedules may be altered or trips canceled.

Area Lake Ashi
address 45-3 Motohakone Hakone-town Ashigarashimo-gun Kanagawa-pref
Access From JR Odawara Station to Moto-hakone Port 40 to 50 minutes by taxi or bus
From JR Odawara Station to Hakone Sekisho-ato Port 40 to 55 minutes by taxi or bus
From JR Odawara Station to Hakone-en Port 45 minutes to 1 hour 5 minutes by taxi or bus
Open Times 8: 30 ~ 17: 00

* Boat Cruise may change or cancel the schedule in bad weather.