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Beautiful Temples and History in the Mountains of Nikko

Nikko is home to the mausoleum for the founding members of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The garish and beautiful buildings among the mountains are a registered UNESCO Heritage site. Getting to Nikko takes about 2 hours from Tokyo with a train transfer at Utsunomiya Station. The Tokugawa family ruled a newly unified Japan for 300 years. During this time of self-imposed isolation this family accumulated great wealth and respect which is on display in the wonderful architecture of the final resting places of these former Shogun


Hakone has Hot Springs, Nature, Museums, Fuji, and History in the mountains

Hakone is a mountainous area 1 hour south of Tokyo with many hot springs, historical sites, and museums to enjoy. The area also gives you a view of Mt. Fuji. Hakone is popular because of the short distance from Tokyo and various hot springs that visitors enjoy. The Hakone area has been a destination for thousands of years and has attractions that include a famous lake side shrine, steaming thermal vents, outdoor sculpture museum, natural scenery, and street food to enjoy in front of the station.


Kamakura is a Seaside Ancient Capital of Japan

The seaside town of Kamakura was once the seat of political power in Japan about 800 years ago. This historical town is most well known for the large bronze statue of a sitting buddha and the collection of temples. Kamakura has maintained a small town feel and is easily explored on foot. There are small shops to explore and temples to visit. Kamakura is only about an hour south of Tokyo. Use the JR Tokaido line with a transfer at Ofuna Station to get to Kamakura.


Yokohama is one of Japan`s most energetic and attractive cities

Yokohama is one of Japan`s largest cities and is only a short train ride from Tokyo. The city is built around the harbor which made it an important trade port in Japanese history. The trade ships have now been replaced with cruise ships and the area around the harbor is a wonderful and eclectic shopping destination. In the harbor area, you can find the Cup Noodle Museum, Chinatown, shopping, an amusement center, and lots of other forms of modern entertainment servicing this wonderful city. To get from Tokyo to Yokohama the best way is on the JR Tokaido LIne. Get off at Yokohama Station and the commercial center is a short train transfer from there. Or there is a direct train from Edogawabashi Station on the Yurakucho Line, a short walk from Tokyo Station.


Odaiba is across the bay from Tokyo for shopping and museums

Odaiba is an artificial island made in the middle of Tokyo Bay. There are shopping centers, TV studios, and museums to visit. One of the main draws is the life sized Gundam statue just outside the main shopping mall. You can also get wonderful views of Tokyo and the Rainbow Bridge from the area.There are many museums in Odaiba that may interest you as well. If you are a fan of anime or Japanese TV, one of Japan`s most famous broadcasters, Fuji TV, has their main studios on the island as well.

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