See & DoMt. Fuji and Hakone


Hakone is right next to Hakone. Access to the beautiful mountain is easy by car or bus and there are amazing spots to see Fuji from the peaks of Hakone. Visiting Fuji is one of the most popular things to do in Hakone.

Mt Fuji and Lake Ashi

Mt. Fuji from Hakone

Hakone has many things to offer visitors; hot springs, museums, history, and nature. Mt Fuji is on the list for many travellers to Japan and one of the easiest access points is from Hakone. You can visit Fuji easily by bus, get great views from the ropeway heading up Owakudani, or hike up to one of the surrounding peaks for a breathtaking view of the mountain.

Mt Fuji from Kintoki Mountain

Mt Fuji from Owakudani

When can you see Mt. Fuji? Mt. Fuji is best viewed in the winter months. Covered in snow, the crisp and cool winter air gives you clear views and cloudless days. Get up early in spring or fall to make sure you can see the mountain before it gets overcast. Un summer, Mt. Fuji is often covered with clouds and difficult to see. Summer is also the time for hiking the mountain.

How to get to Mt. Fuji from Hakone? There are three wonderful ways to get a view of Fuji. You can take the bus to Gotemba, ride the ropeway up Owakudani or Komagatake, or hike one of the surrounding mountains.

A visit to Fuji is a short trip from Hakone and can be done in just a few hours! Enjoy one of Japan`s most iconic symbols.

Hike to see Mt Fuji

Go for a hike to see some of the best views of Mt. Fuji. The short hike up Mt. Kintoki in Sengokuhara gives you one of the best views of Fuji in all of Japan. The hiking route takes you up the weathered volcanic crater walls through the forest setting for one of Japan`s most beloved children`s tales, the story of Kintaro. Kintaro was a boy raised in the Hakone mountains who played with forest animals and grew up to become a great samurai.

Bus to Mt. Fuji

Take the Hakone Tozan bus headed for Gotenba. Gotenba is at the base of Mt. Fuji and is just on the other side of the mountain pass from Sengokuhara. The Hakone Freepass is valid for travel to Gotenba. Click here for directions to Gotenba.

Hakone Ropeway and Fuji

The ropeway running to Owakudani between Gora Station and Togendai Port gives you some wonderful views and a chance to visit the steaming vents of Owakudani as well. It is recemmended to get a Hakone Freepass to make the transportation throughout Hakone easy and smooth. The Komagatake Ropeway takes you up on of Hakone`s highest peaks for wonderful views of the area. The Ropeway is not covered by the Hakone Freepass and leaves from the the Prince Hotel/Hakone Aquarium area on Lake