ExperiencePhoto touring Hakone Museums


Hakone is a place full of nature with tons of activities for you, it is such a pleasant place. One of the ways to enjoy your time in Hakone is to take amazing pictures. It’s the perfect place to take mesmerizing photos fo your instagram or just to show a piece of your memory when you get home. The best places to go to accomplish your mission to get the ‘it’ photo is go to the many museums Hakone has to offer. The average museums most of have been to, I imagine would be strict on cameras and is a silent place. Although we do have those typical museums we also have museums with outdoor gardens and exhibits where you can take the shot as well. Whether photography is a profession or a passion it is bound to please you.

To start you off Venetian Glass Museum. This museum of course has its common indoor exhibits with magnificent glass sculptures, art and etc. In addition, they have a garden that is a masterpiece of glass it self. The glass trees, the glass balloons , the glass bridge gate any place is honestly a photo opportunity. I would say keep you camera or smartphone at hand at all times. Moreover, you can make your own accessories at the experience studios. On the contrary you can also get a token of the art at the wonderful gift shop as well.

The second place to go to is the Little Prince Museum. The atmosphere is all France. You will forget that you are in Hakone, Japan. You can get a cup of coffee and enjoy the scenery, take in the beautiful air and relax. The best place to take your pictures is out in the garden. However, indoor exhibit is a great place, especially if you at a literature lover. You get to learn details about the book through short movies at the hall and sculptures that makes the book come alive.

Finally, The Open Air Museum. This a place for everyone. If you are a hard core art enthusiast you will love the Picasso exhibit. If you are child that wants to play around you will love the play area that is a work of art. If you want to relax you will love the foot bath. Last but not least if you want the perfect photo you will definitely find something to your liking. It’s a huge museum that is beautiful every inch. To add entertainer to your pictures posing with the outdoor sculptures will sure be a laugh.

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