YumotoTenzan Hot Springs


A wonderful day use onsen in Hakone for those looking for a traditional and refined atmosphere.

Tenzan is a popular day use hot spring facility in Hakone Yumoto. This place is known for the refined architecture, relaxation environment, and outdoor bathes that put you naked in the middle of nature. There are four or five outdoor pools to choose from, a small sauna dome, and a covered bathing area that open­s out to the wooded mountain side.

There are also rest area and places to eat here. The meal options are few but the quality is high and matches with the whole experience. Have some soba, a hot pot, and steamed rice. For those looking for more relaxation, there are also massages available. The massages can be chosen to concentrate on feet, head, hands, or a full body massage. 40 minutes runs about ¥4500 and 80 minutes for ¥8200. There is also a short 20 minute course that will take care of your upper or lower body.

There are also private hot spring available for rent here for an extra fee. Tenzan does not strictly enforce any tattoo regulations, but asks guests be considerate of others. We discourage full sleeves or groups of heavily tattooed individuals. Japan is changing, but we apologize that it does still make some people uncomfortable.


Tenzan can be reached by the shuttle bus in front of Hakone Yumoto Station. The walk is about 25 minutes up a small slope.