Lake Ashi Camp Village

The Lake Ashi Camp Village is located in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park on the shores of Lake Ashi in Hakone. It is a comfortable area in harmony with nature on a site of approximately 2,000 square meters.


This is a camping village full of nature and a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons only two and a half hours from Tokyo. It is the only campground on the shore of Lake Ashinoko, so you can enjoy many special experiences and activities surrounded by nature. The camp village is enjoyable in all seasons, in the summer with the fresh greenery and cooler temperatures and in the fall with the colored leaves. There are a number of options for those looking to stay.


Villa-style cottages scattered in the forest

This independent type of cottage is ideal for families and couples.

It is perfect for families and couples, as well as for getaway trips with friends.


Villa-style cottages scattered in the woods by Lake Ashinoko.

These villas are equipped with a kitchen, so you can bring your own food.

The row lined buildings are scattered in the forest and is a perfect place to spend time with family or friends.


Auto Camp Site

There is nothing like camping under the stars with your favorite car and your favorite goods.

Auto camp sites are very popular among families who can enjoy camping in their own cars.


Tent Campsite

A refreshing breeze blows from Lake Ashi and you can relax in your favorite tent.

You can bring your own tent or tarp and enjoy camping easily.


Barbecue Garden

A great place for everyone to get together and enjoy a meal in nature. One-day use is also available! There are also a variety of special course plans to choose from so you don’t need to prepare or bring anything.

Rest House

Even if it rains, you can enjoy barbecue at the rest house with a gas stove and a large grill.


There is also a convenient store.

There are a variety of beverages and snacks.

We also have a full range of facilities for groups. You can also enjoy cycling in the nature of Hakone or fishing in Lake Ashinoko. The staff can guide you to the activity that best suits you.

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