Getting from Hakone to the Gotemba Premium Outlets

A short article to help you get to and from the Gotemba Premium Outlets from Hakone for shopping and views of Fuji

The Gotemba Outlet from Hakone

Gotemba Outlet is a premier shopping destination for many people coming to Japan. The outlet is at the base of Mt. Fuji and has a wonderful selection of shops to choose from. Shop or browse outlets from Nike, Puma, Coach, Gap, Polo, North Face, Paul Smith, Bose, and many more. The outlet is a short bus ride from Hakone and has wonderful views of Fuji. Take the bus from Hakone to Gotemba Station and then ride the free shuttle bus from the station to the outlet.

Enjoy views of Fuji while shopping, just a short bus ride from Hakone

The easiest way to get to the outlet is by bus from the Hakone highlands of Sengokuhara. It is a 30-minute bus ride from Yumoto or a 15-minute bus ride from Gora to the bus stop in Sengokuhara to change buses to the one headed for Gotemba station. It is another 20 minutes from Sengokuhara to Gotemba Station.

Change buses in Sengokuhara to the bus headed for Gotemba Station

The Odakyu group runs two buses an hour from Togendai Port (the V and W labeled buses), the ropeway station on the shores of Lake Ashi, passing by the Sengokuhara bus stop. Take a T Bus for Togendai from Hakone Yumoto Station and transfer to Sengokuhara or at the last stop of Togendai. From Hakone Yumoto to Sengokuhara should take about 30 minutes.

The Hakone Freepass covers the route to the Gotemba Outlet is a convenient and economical way to see all of Hakone and more!

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