Fukuzumiro is one of the most historical and traditional accommodations in Hakone. The property is a registered as an important piece of historical significance with the Japanese government. The ryokan (Japanese Inn) is on the banks of the Hayakawa river and was a famous place for famous Japanese literary figures to stay. Hakone Tonosawa Spa resort area is located along the river Hayakawa, about 5 minutes by car from Hakone-Yumoto Station. Fukuzumiro was established in 1890 (23 in the Meiji Era). The building is three-story wooden consisting of 17 rooms with different designs. Most of our rooms are made in classical style without bathroom. A great number of writers, calligraphers, and artists have loved staying in this hotel. For example, Fukuzawa Yukichi, Natsume Souseki, Shimazaki Toson, Iwaya Sazanami, Takeshima Hagoromo, Osaragi Jiro, Kawabata Yasunari, Satomi Ton, Yoshikawa Eiji, Hayashi Fumiko, Tamura Taijiro, and Hojo Hideji; Painters were, Kawai Gyokudo and Hirafuku Hyakusui; Calligraphic artists were, Meikaku Kusakabe and Nakamura Randai; and Actors were, the great actor in “Muhomatsu-no-issho”, Tsumasaburo Bando.Each room has its history and story.


The building of Fukuzumiro is wooden and three-storied.

There are 17 guest rooms. Each room has a different design and atmosphere.Hot spring water is constantly pumped from 100 meters under the ground and we add spring water to cool it, never adding water that has been treated.


Hot spring

It warms you well, and feels good on your skin.

You can use three different kinds of bathtubs, a wooden round one made with big pieces of pine (Ohmaru-buro). Also one made of rocks (Iwa-buro), and one for the family. Enjoy the course menu with fresh seafoods and vegetables.


Dishes are served individually to your room so that you can enjoy hot dishes and cold dishes.


You can select the course when making the reservation.Hakone Tonosawa Spa is said to have been discovered by the Buddhist priest in 1604. Fukuzumiro was established in 1890 (23 in the Meiji Era). The building was totally destroyed 20 years after it was established in a disastrous flood in August 1910 that hit entire Kanto area. The owner bought Sensin-rou Tamano-yu hotel in December 1910, only 3 months later, which was at the foot of the Chitose-bridge that spans the Hayakawa stream, 200 meters downstream from Yumoto town. And he named it Fukuzumiro to restart his business.Look for the “Lucky bats”

Look for the "Lucky bats"

The symbol of Fukuzumiro is the “Lucky bats”. You can find the carvings of bat at some places in the building. According to the old China saying, the bat brings 5 lucks.

 ①Long life


 ③No pain


 ⑤The will of heaven

Hope you find the Lucky bats and bring back luck with you.

Area HakoneYumoto
address 74 Tounosawa Hakone-machi Kanagawa-ken Japan 250-0315
Phone Number +81-460-85-5301
Access 【By public transportation】
By JR line
Tokyo - Odawara: 45 minutes by Sinkansen / 90 minutes by Tokaido line
Odawara-Hakone-Yumoto: 15 minutes by Odakyu line / 30 minutes by bus (Bus stop: Tonosawa)

By Odakyu line
Sinjuku(Tokyo) - Hakone-Yumoto: 1.5 hours by Super Express train, Romance car

Microbus service(fare: 100 yen)
From Hakone-Yumoto station to our hotel, there is the Microbus service (fare: 100 yen). The bus stop is on the other side of the road from the station. They are bound for 3 different directions. Get on the bus bound for Tonosawa.
Timetable: 11.15, 11.45, From 13.00 to 17.00, every 15 and 45. 18.15, 18.45 only on Fridays and Saturdays

【By car】
From Tokyo
Get on Atsugi-Odawara Highway at the ATSUGI IC of Tomei Highway, Get off the Odawara-Nishi IC from the Exit to Hakone area, and get on Route 1. You will find Tonosawa springs.

From Nagoya
Get off the GOTENBA IC of Tomei Highway. You will find Tonosawa springs beyond Otome-toge pass.
Open Times Check in 15.00 (The latest 18.00)/Check out 10.00