Refined Japanese Accommodation with impressive outdoor bathing facilities.

One of the things that Yusaka-so insists on the most is that you experience breakfast and dinner served in your room. The best way to relax at a hot spring inn is to sit on a tatami mat and enjoy the meal. All you have to do is to come to your room, and your room attendant will take care of your breakfast and dinner. You can spend your private time with your loved ones, family, or friends in the comfort of your room.

There are different bathing options, but try the impressive outbdoor bath incorporated into a Japanese garden design. You can feel the change of the seasons with the five-leaf pine trees, azaleas, maples, and plum trees.

Although Hakone-Yumoto Onsen is located in the mountains, Odawara Port is only 8 km away. As a result, we are able to offer the freshest seafood from all four seasons. Fresh local vegetables and wild plants are also mixed in with the delicious Hakone spring water to create dishes with a mild taste that brings out the flavor of the ingredients. Please try the dishes prepared by Chef Muneharu Toyoda, who has been in this business for 30 years.

Area Hakone Yumoto
address 35 Yumotochaya Hakone-machi Ashigarasimo-gun
Phone Number TEL:+81-460-85-5755 / FAX:+81-460-85-6635
Price 15,120JPY~30,240JPY
Check In 15:00〜 
Check Out 〜10:00