Rest on the Old Tokaido Road. Outdoor Hot Springs for one day visits

Enjoy the relaxing streamed bubbles of the hot spring. Feel the deep vibrations of the streamed soothing your soul. Stretch out and feel rejuvenated after a long soak

Private room to relax after bathing

There are rooms available to privately relax in during your onsen visit. There are 8 small rooms (2 hours for ¥2000) and 1 Larger room (2 hours ¥3000). It is possible to extend your use by the hour small room ¥1000 and larger room¥1500 for 1 extra hour). Use a room best fitting your budget and number of guests. You are free to bring in your own food and drinks, but please be considerate of other guests. Rooms do not have individual toilets, they are available outside your room.

Outdoor Hot Spring for Small Dogs also Available

There are also hot springs available for your pet to enjoy. The same quality water is used so we hope your pet enjoys their visit as well.

Private Rooms (2 hours at ¥2000 + ¥500 for each pet) 1 hour extension in ¥1000. There are towels, toilets, a microwave, and pet toilets available in each private room. Rest and relax with your pets, your family.


RESERVATION : 0460-85-8080

Area Yumoto
address 100-1 Yumotocyaya, Hakone-machi, Ashigara-shimo-gun
Phone Number 0460-85-8080
Access Access by Train/Bus: Take a bus headed for “Hatajuku/Kyukaidosen” and get off at “Dai no Chaya.” A one minute walk from the bus stop.
Access by car: Exit the Oadwara Hakone Doro at “Hakone Guchi” exit to Route 1. When the Hakone Yumoto Station area comes into view make a Left at the first Bridge called “Sanmaibashi.” Approx. 1km up the hill.
Price Adults (older than Elementary School age) ¥1100
Children (between 4 and Elementary School age) ¥550
Massage 20min./ ¥2,500~
Open Times From 11:00~16:00
Facilities Hot Springs: 4 men 4 women (Small bubble bath, Jet bath, indoor-bath and Utaseyu(waterfall shower)
Outdoor Hot Springs also available
Private Hot Springs
Free Rest Area / Private Rest Rooms (Fee) / Pet Hot Spring / Snack Corner
Website http://www.hakonenoyu.co.jp
Remarks Large and spacious baths of clear natural hot spring water. There are also a number of other themed bathes available; jet stream bath, falling water bath, baths to lay down in, and jet stream bubble baths. Private rooms are also available (fee) for those looking for a more intimate experience or wanting to enjoy time with friends and family in a private setting. There are two wells on site that supply us with hot spring water, enjoy the fresh and natural gifts from the Hakone mountains. The baths are continuely supplied with fresh spring water. Hakone no Yu is a tailored experience for one day visits. The facilities and design of the space is for you to enjoy your time and visit. Pets even have the opportunity to enjoy the hot spring in the designated “Hyotan Bath.” Enjoy the fresh natural hot springs with friends, family, or on your own.