Located in the Hakone Sengokuhara region
Original French cuisine and first-class hospitality

The Hakone Highland Hotel used to be a former residence of a baron, quietly nestled in a beautiful forest. You can enjoy a high-level resort with only a short trip to Hakone. The gentle twitter of wild birds. The chattering of wind and river carrying across the treetops. These simple charms will bring peace of mind to anyone.



49,000m2 of
luxuriant natural surroundings

The hotel grounds feature vast, lawn-covered garden where you can kick back and relax to enjoy a leisurely time.
In the vast 49,000m2 grounds is a garden full of green.
On sunny days, we recommend taking a stroll on one of the many walking paths.


A relaxing space surrounded by forests
The Hakone Highland Hotel, nesting in the embrace of Hakone’s magnificent natural environment, is a soothing space surrounded by greenery and enveloped in silence. 
Both type of guestrooms, in the main building and in the ""Forest Residence"" Annex, are entirely non-smoking. 
In this Hakone Resort Hotel, you can enjoy the satisfying pleasures of relaxation to your heart's content and spend a quiet, soothing time. In addition, all of the guestrooms have attached bathrooms.

Guestrooms in the main building
The guestroom wing in the Hakone Highland Hotel’s main building has two floors.
We prepare the rooms surrounded by a pristine wooded area allowing you to feel the changing rhythms of the seasons, such as the rooms facing the garden’s lawn.

Twin room with attached hotspring open-air bath
The twin room with attached “hotspring open-air bath” is surrounded by forest and is so close to the surrounding trees to give you the impression that they are part of your private garden.
Experience the luxurious sensation of having the Sengokuhara nature all to yourself.
This 50 m2-wide twin room has a modern, sharp and yet warm design in contrast with the luxuriant Sengokuhara natural environment.

Hot spring

An extraordinary space
where you can enjoy from season to season
Home Hotspring & Wellness
The hotspring wing in the Hakone Highland Hotel is complete with open-air and indoor baths, Jacuzzi and a sauna. In addition, we offer a ""Spa Nature"" built around the concept of the ""blessed effects of water"" to enhance the relaxing effects of hotspring water.
Have an extraordinary time at the Hakone Highland Hotel.

In the open-air and indoor baths you will find quality natural hot water, smooth and gentle to the skin.
In addition to the Jacuzzi which is great for massaging and body relaxation, we also offer a dry sauna for male guests for washing off sweat and refreshing yourself. The women’s hotspring baths are equipped with a mist sauna which is, unlike ordinary dry saunas, lighter on the skin and enhances skin texture and improves metabolism.
Enjoy the brilliant green garden and the blue sky during the day and the charming starry skies at night.

French restaurant,

At "La Forêt" the Hakone Highland Hotel’s French restaurant, the master chef offers cuisine steeped in traditional Grand Cuisine techniques incorporating Japanese ingredients and cooking techniques to it.
Using the ""Garden Broche"" firewood stove, and paying great attention from ingredient selection to the cooking, we serve you perfectly harmonized innovative cuisine.
The firewood stove installed on the terrace provides illumination with its gently flickering light while you leisurely enjoy the charming cuisine created by the skilled hand of our chef away from the bustle of everyday life.

Location & Sightseeing

From Shinjuku, the highway buses will take you to the front of the Hakone Highland Hotel. You can also reach Hakone Yumoto by direct train without any transfers. The hotel is very conveniently-located for access from the city center. 
In addition, since the bus stop is located just in front of the Hotel, it is also a perfect jumping point from which to explore the surrounding areas.

Recommended sightseeing spot offering views of Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji, registered as a World Heritage site, can actually also be seen from Hakone.
The stunning beauty of the imposing figure of Mt. Fuji, ever-changing with the season, the time of day and natural conditions, is a truly must-see spectacle.
Enjoy great views of Japan’s foremost mountain from recommended viewing spots in Hakone.

Area Sengokuhara
address 940 Shinanoki, Sengokuhara, Hakonemachi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0631
Phone Number 81 460-84-8541
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