Hakone Ginyu

The superb view Spa-resort Ryokan

This wonderful place filled with peace and tranquility is located in grand Hakone mountain range and Hayakawa ravine, where every season is enjoyed with splendid color scheme.

Japanese hospitality

Beauties of nature
Hakone ginyuu entertains a customer with the service to which I gave my whole mind while making the custom of the Japan ancient times where I live and the traditional event as well as the naturalness important.
Japanese tea and snacks to go with tea
We’ll serve you with Japanese green tea as a welcome drink upon your arrival.
Please also enjoy delicious Japanese confectionery together.
You will find a yukata in the guest room.
Yukata is a kimono-style sleepwear.
You can also wear this to the public bath or to the public eating area.
Inside of the building is a tatami-floored to the hallway. Please take off footwear and relax slowly.
Teruaki using Japanese paper and a natural stone begins to create gentle and mysterious space.
Original Amenity
It is an original product that blended high-quality ingredients luxuriously. We are working on development while incorporating customer’s voice. We manufacture in Japan aiming for safety and security. Also, we try to produce small quantities to keep freshness.
Internet access
Wireless internet is available in the hotel.
Wired internet is available in certain guest rooms.
Internet access is free of charge.

Spa-reasort Ryokan Hakone Ginyu.

Superb view
About 420 m of altitude. A view in the grand Hakone mountain range where four seasons are interwoven is spread in immediateness from a front door and a lobby located in the top floor. Hayakawa called a bed of a dragon flow under the eyes, and wrap yourself up in mysterious air, it’s done.

The history of the Hakone Miyanoshita Onsen
Hakone The source which gushes from Miyanoshita in Kumanojinja in Muromachi era was found, and Miyanoshita hot spring prospered as a therapeutic bath in the Edo Period. And after Yokohama had been opened up in the 19th century (the Edo Period latter period-Meiji Period), a celebrity of all over the world prospered as foreigner’s health resort, and visited.

Every guest room has a Private Onsen
I have the outdoor hot spring bath which sees a grand Hakone mountain range in all guest rooms. Please enjoy bathing slowly while looking at the beautiful scenery different in an appearance respectively.

Infinity bath of Forest
Hakone mountain range is seen over the horizon, and it feels like becoming united with immediate nature, and you can take a bath and there are 2 hot water places. Both hot water places are equipped with an outdoor hotspring bath and a sauna. The men’s section of a bathhouse and the ladies’ section of a bathhouse are replaced by time, so both baths can be enjoyed.

The most delicious in Odawara
In Japan where a producer bet the place fish which can have just been caught, the domestic Japanese Cattle “Soshuu cow” and the Kamakura vegetables fried at Sagami-wan on great care, I have a large selection of the outstanding brand ingredients.

Ginyu Spa
I’ll offer you the treatment which can be sensed only here while relating to nature on the concept of beauties of nature. The original product which blended an ingredient excellent in quality luxuriously is being used for a treatment. The five senses are healed by the synergistic effect with the hot spring.


Please have the coffee by which the top floor tastes good while looking at the beautiful scenery by Lounge GINYUSHIJIN.

A panoramic view in a grand Hakone mountain range spreads in front of the superb view terrace.

A beautiful view can be enjoyed over glass while also drinking liquor from this view bar counter.

1F Garden-Lounge MYO-JO
A garden lounge on the 1st floor is the open space which floated on a pond.You can trust GAZEBO with a body and spend time of the paradise while drinking good liquor.

address Miyanoshita 100-1, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimogun, Kanagawa-ken, Japan 250-0404
Phone Number 0460-82-3355
Check In 14:00
Check Out 11:00
Facilities Japanese style room / Western style room