Top 7 Instagram Spots in Hakone


Find and Discover some of the most popular Instagram photo spots in Hakone..and even Japan! Here is a list of the top places in Hakone to snap and post

Hakone Shrine Gates

Get a beautiful setting on Lake Ashi, framed by the famous red torii gates of Hakone Shrine. The setting is perfect for an Instagram post and incorporates the nature, tradition, and culture of Japan all in one shot.

Chisuji Waterfalls

Get a wonderful background of these rare waterfalls flowing out of the mountain. The area is beautiful in all seasons.. Enjoy the bright greens of Japanese trees in the spring and the bright colors of fall. The serene surroundings give a peaceful setting for your post


Owakudani is famous for the dramatic steaming thermal vents of the dormant volcano and some of Hakone`s best views of Mt. Fuji. Take a picture with the famous black eggs of Owakudani, made black by being boiled in the steaming sulfur waters of Owakudani.

A private Hot Spring

Hakone has hundreds of hot springs. Just make sure you have a private onsen when getting that beautiful picture of you relaxing in the natural spring waters with nature in the background. There are many different types of hot springs in the Hakone area, but try to find an outdoor onsen for an amazing shot.

Amazake Tea House

Travel back in time to traditional Japan. Hakone is one of the most famous stops on the route between Tokyo and Kyoto. Travelers have walked through the area for centuries and the Amazake Teahouse has greeted them with drinks and snacks on top of the mountain. The building has changed little over the years. The natural surroundings, thatched roof, tasty treats, and friendly staff make this a Hakone treasure.

Choan Temple

In the highland village of Sengokuhara is a beautiful temple that has hundreds of stone statues of priests located throughout the grounds. The temple is in a secluded hillside location with a koi pond and winding paths on the side of the hill. The temple is famous for the belief that among the hundreds of stone statues, there is one that resembles you. The temple is also popular in the autumn months when the leaves change their colors to bright reds, oranges, and yellows.

Ride a Rickshaw

Riding a rickshaw around Yumoto combines a personal tour, traditional experiences, and a chance to see some of the most beautiful spots in the area. Your rickshaw driver will be more than happy to get a few snapshots of you enjoying your ride. There are a few options and courses for you to choose from so that you can select something that matches your schedule during your time in Hakone.