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Hakone is a special place in Japan because of the natural beauty and the geological gifts from nature. Hakone is famous for the wonderful hot springs that are found throughout the mountains and also the high quality of spring water.


The spring water is filtered over decades through the mineral rich rocks of the Hakone mountains. This water has been used to make the tofu, soba, and sweets of Hakone delicous and famous. A recent popular use for this natural gift has been beer. The local craft brew is called, Hakone Beer.

A local company in Odawara, Suzuhiro, has created a Pilsner worthing of Gold at Asian Beer Cup 2016. The Hakone Pilsner took home the gold after standing out from other Asian beers. The judges chose a beer with a smooth and refreshing finish. The light and complex flavors have been honed through decades of hard work and dedication to the craft. The same pilsner also took first in the pilsner class at the Japan Brewer`s Cup Festival 2016.

Hakone Beer

The ingredients used in the brewing are of the highest quality and sourced from around the world. Hakone Beer also uses the famous spring waters of the Hakone mountains as a base to the  wonderful brews. Their brewers have selected the finest hops from the Czech republic and the malts are chosen and imported from Australia, England, and Germany.

Hakone Beer was created with the desire to compliment and enhance the subtle and complex flavors of Japanese food. German beer goes great with a piece of sausage, Guiness with a warm shepard`s pie, but what about sushi and Kamaboko? Suzuhiro also sells, Kamaboko Octopuc Balls in Hakone.

The Suzuhiro Hakone Craft Brewery creates ales, pilsners, and many other seasonal brews. You can enjoy the award winning brews at the Hotoriya Store on the shores of Lake Ashi in Moto-Hakone.

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