See & DoHakone Cherry Blossoms


It is spring and time for cherry blossoms. Hakone has many wonderful sports to view the beauty of the cherry blossoms in 2020. The various altitudes in the Hakone area give you a longer window of time to see the beautiful flowers. From the traditional roads of Yumoto to the trees around Lake Ashi, Hakone has cherry blossoms throughout the area.

In addition to the areas with specific trees, there are wild mountain sakura all over the area. Hakone has a wide variety of cherry blossoms as well. This wide variety gives you the chance to se different colors, shapes, and tiems to enjoy the sakurea. The green mountains dotted with pink is a sign that spring has finaly ccome to Japan. Here is a list of some of the best sport to views cherry blossoms in Hakone for 2020.

Miyagino Riverside, Night Viewing by the River

These beautiful riverside cherry blossoms will be lit up from March 31 to April 15 from 18:00-21:00.

This wonderful area located below the central village of Gora is the best place to see and walk among the cherry blossoms. Along the riverside there is a long path of cherry blossoms you can walk among. The area is lit up at night to give it an even more special feel. There are two distinct types of Sakura along the river. There are over 120 Someiyoshino Sakura and over 100 Weeping Sakura in the area. The 600 meter walk among the mountains and along the flowing river will be an amazing experience.

The flowers will be blooming from early to mid April. The Miyagino area can be easily visited by bus. Most buses headed for Sengokuhara from the Yumoto area will pass through Miyagino. Miyagino is also a 20 minute walk down the hill from Gora.

Hakone Yumoto, Tradition and History

Yumoto is the gateway to the Hakone Mountains. Most people coming from Tokyo will first arrive at Yumoto, and there are some wonderful areas to view the cherry blossoms.

A short walk through the center of town to the entrance of the onsen district will take you along a road with beautiful cherry blossoms and traditional Japanese buildings in the background. Crossing the bridge from the “Onsen Iriguchi” bus stop transports you to another world and time. The well preserved historic buildings are a beautiful backdrop to the towering cherry blossoms that have been here for decades.

You can find many cherry blossoms blooming along the river and in the area. Take the time to walk around and find one of your own. Hakone Yumoto is the transportation hub for the Hakone area, most buses and trains will connect directly here.

Soun Temple, Local History and Beauty

The cherry blossoms at Soun Temple in Hakone are beautiful. Located on the hill in front of Hakone Yumoto Station is Soun Temple. Soun Temple is the family temple for the Hojo Clan, that once ruled from Odawara Castle. The small grounds are full of cherry blossoms that shower you with petals when the softest of breezes passes through. The historic temple background makes this a wonderful place to enjoy the Japanese experience of cherry blossom viewing. The historic temple is registered as a culturally significant site in the area trancing its history back more than 800 years.

There are different types of Sakura on the grounds. The best viewing time will be from late March to the middle of April.

Soun Temple is a 15 minute walk from Hakone Yumoto Station. The local buses headed for Moto-Hakone from Yumoto Station will pass the bus stop here. Walking from Hakone Yumoto Station, through “Onsen-ba Iriguchi” will give you the best views of Cherry Blossoms in Hakone.

Hakone Gora Park, Flower Park among the Mountains

In 1914 Gora Park became the first french style garden in Japan. Gora Park includes a rose garden, water fountains, a tea ceremony building, and more. There is a lot to enjoy here, including the cherry blossoms in spring. Throughout the year there are different flowers blooming and from the middle of March, you can see over 10 different types of cherry blossoms. There are more than 50 sakura trees on site. Many people enjoy taking a break on the terrace of the park`s Cafe Pic to enjoy the views of the mountains and cherry blossoms.

Gora Park is a 5-minute walk up the hill from Gora Station. Gora Station is the last stop for the Hakone Tozan Mountain Train and a stopping point for some of the buses in Hakone.

Onshi Park, Fuji and Sakura

Onshi Park is located on the shores of Lake Ashi between Moto-Hakone and Hakone Shrine. The park was once the summer vacation villa for the imperial family. You can see why this spot was chosen as one of Japan`s most important families. The park has views of Fuji towering above Lake Ashi. The park grounds have remained almost the same and are well taken care of. The gardens are free to visit!

Among the shaped pine trees and seasonal flowers are a number of Cherry trees that bloom with the beautiful Fuji Mountain in the background. The views from the garden were chosen as one of the best views in Kanagawa Prefecture and one of the best view spots for Mt. Fuji.

There are over 300 cherry blossoms to view in Onshi Park. Because of the high altitude, these flowers bloom a bit later than other cherry blossoms in the Tokyo area, from the middle of April Mame Sakura will start to bloom and the Oshima Sakura will last until the start of May.

Onshi Park is accessible by any bus going to Hakone Port of Moto-Hakone. From Hakone Yumoto the bus ride is about 30 minutes. The park is only a 15 walk from Hakone Shrine. The walk from Hakone Shrine also gives you the opportunity to walk the Old Tokaido Road.