Place to StayThe Fuijya Hotel in Hakone


Visit one of Japan`s oldest and most historical hotels and add your name to a guestbook that includes Einstein, Keller, Chaplain, Lennon and more.

The Fuijya Hotel in Hakone

This is one of Japan`s most iconic and famous hotels. Founded in 1878 by Sennosuke Yamaguchi after being inspired after taking part in a diplomatic trip that took him to Europe and the United States. The Fujiya Hotel is described as one of the first Western style hotels to be established in Japan.

The building has remained retained it`s classical architecture and ambiance of the past century. The buildings, staff, and level of hospitality take you back to a different time. Over the years many well known dignitaires, icons, and famous people have stayed at the Fujiya Hotel during their time in Japan. The Fujiya Hotel can claim Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplain, Archduke Ferninand, KIngs, Emperors, and many more have stayed at the Fujiya Hotel.

Hakone was chosen as the perfect location for the Fujiya because of the proximity of the lush natural surroundings and cool mountain climate close to Tokyo. The Fujiya Hotel is at the heart of the Miyanoshita Village in Hakone. This area is small, easily accessible by train or bus, and has many different stores, shops, and restaurants that complete the experience. Miyanoshita was chosen as the spot for the hotel because of the views and mild summer temperatures.

The authentic charm is inviting and has been meticulously preserved as it is a registered national property for it`s cultural significance. The main building dates from 1891, as different properties have been rebuilt over the years in response to fire, earthquake damage, and preservation efforts. The main building has been enriched by the additions of wonderful buildings like the Flower Palace and Restful Lodge.

The Fuijya Hotel is wonderful for a night`s stay or even a day visit. You can enjoy the famed apple pie at the table where John Lennon sat overlooking the beautiful Japanese garden, eat a dish of their acclaimed curry and rice in the regal dining room, or order a whiskey at historic bar in the evening. The hotel uses naturally heated spring water for the rooms and also the greenhouse which has a wonderful and eclectic selection of plants and flowers. Because of the long and colorful history of the Fujiya there are wonderful places to explore on the grounds and stories to hear about past guests.

The Fujiya Hotel was once described by a famous Japanese scholar as “one of the best hotels in not only the Orient, but the entire world.” The Victorian-Meiji architecture is the beautiful backdrop for the pride the Fuijya takes in offering acclaimed hospitality to visitors for centuries. The Fujiya Hotel is a wonderful place to see, feel, and experience the history of Japan in the mountains of Hakone.

The Fujiya is a proud founder and member of the Japan Classic Hotel Association and an important part of the historical preservation of the culture and area of Hakone and Japan.

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