SengokuharaA Hakone Modern Ryokan, Kitanokase Saryou


In the Highlands of Sengokuhara, Kitanokaze Saryou is a modern ryokan combining the aesthetics of Japanese design, world class hospitality, and the influence of an living art space.

The Ryokan seeks to meet all travelers needs and create a luxurious atmosphere influenced by traditional Japanese design yet full of modern amenities. The quite surroundings gives you time to immerse yourself in the Japanese ryokan experience. There are private baths, spas, and views that will leave you in a tranquil setting.

The food incorporates seasonal specialities from the Hakone area and Hokkaido. The meals are French inspired Japanese food that reflect the seasons and are a modern interpretation of the classic kaiseki meal. Each dish is served on e at a time to give you the opportunity to appreciate and savor the food with all your senses. Appreciate the beauty, taste, and care put into each dish.

The rooms give you a private place to unwind, relax, and immerse yourself in traditional Japanese architecture and design. The traditional look incorporates all the modern amenities to make your stay enjoyable and more than comfortable.There are many different rooms to choose from. This is a small ryokan with about 10 rooms with unique design and characteristics. Choose rooms that are designed in Japanese, Western, or a blend of both styles. Rooms include a private bath to give you an added sense of privacy and luxury during your stay in Hakone.

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