RyokanIchinoyu Ryokan est. 1630


A historic Japanese inn with a history dating back to 1630 with guest satisfaction and experience being honed over the centuries. Enjoy a stay to experience Japanese hospitality, history, and culture.

There are many historic ryokan, traditional Japanese inns, in Hakone with histories that date back centuries. One of the most iconic cultural institutions in Hakone is the Ichinoyu Ryokan.

Located in a deep wooded valley and along the flowing Hayakawa River at the base of the Hakone mountains this ryokan has been featured in classic ukiyo woodblock prints and has been in operation since 1630.


Hakone has a long history of welcoming and catering to travellers over the centuries. Located along the famed Tokaido Road connecting the imperial and cultural capital of Kyoto and the administrative and economic center of Edo (now Tokyo), Hakone was and is a place for people to rest, explore, and discover. A stay at Ichinoyu honkan connects you with the past and gives you the chance to experience Japanese hospitality that has evolved over the years.

The Ichinoyu is famously depicted by the famous Ukiyo artist Hiroshige. The scene captured by Hiroshige has changed little over the years with the exception of cars taking the place of walking travellers. In 1630 Tomoyori Ogawa founded the inn and it has stayed in the same family, now run by the 16th generation of the Ogawa family. The current president of Ichinoyu is Mr. Takaya Ogawa, the 16th president. His father is Haruya, the 15th president of Ichinoyu, who took over the inn on the verge of bankruptcy and revamped its management. He achieved a miraculous revival of the brand and his journey was even made into a manga. He is also a popular lecturer and was a famous president in the industry. In 2018, he handed over the management of the company to his son. The management of Ichinoyu continues to give guests “value that is one step ahead” with “innovation and evolution,” and has set the guideline of “changing the common sense of lodging and proposing the enrichment of daily life through lodging”. The entire company is united in its desire to move forward together by improving guest experience, always for the benefit of people and to contribute to society. 

The Ichinoyu Honkan has undergone many renovations and restorations over the years while still maintaining the nostalgic senses of traditional Japan. The large event hall was completed in 1923 by master craftsmen and was the largest hall in Hakone at the time. The hall covers an area of 88 tatami mats and has a stage. Geisha performances are sometimes held here featuring the famed entertainers of the Hakone area. One interesting addition was the use of imported marble from Italy for the public bathing facilities in 1971. The hot spring water used by the Ichinoyu Honkan has a high alkalinity and is said to be good for your skin, making it smooth and supple. The Ichinoyu Honkan is located on the Hayakawa river and you are never far from the sounds of nature. Take the time to explore the details and history in the architecture of this building which has been registered as an Important Cultural Asset by the Japanese government.  Reservation can be made at:

Ichinoyu Honkan is the original location at the base of the Hakone mountains with a history dating back to 1630.

Susukinohara Ichinoyu is the newest addition to the group and is located close to the famed Pampas Grass Fields of Hakone. This location is in the highlands of Sengokuhara and access to public transportation is easy and convenient.

Tonosawa QS is in a prime spot overlooking the Hayakawa River in the Tonosawa area of Hakone just a few steps from the original Honkan. Guests here are also able to wear a yukata and walk down to the Honkan to enjoy the bathing facilities there at no extra cost.

Shinanoki Ichinoyu is also located in the Sengoku HIghlands of Hakone with easy access to the many museums in the area and even the bus that can take you to Gotemba at the base of Mt. Fuji. There are child friendly rooms available here.

Ashinoko Ichinoyu is located close to the lake and is ideal as a spot to start or end any of the many outdoor activities you can enjoy in the area. This accommodation is well suited for groups and families.

Ichinoyu Shinkan is located up the mountain and a short walk from the Honkan. Surrounded by lush green and views, many rooms have private outdoor baths attached.

Daihakone Ichinoyu is located in the Sengoku Highlands of Hakone and is pet friendly. It includes a dog run and welcomes well behaved pets to join meals in the dining room.